KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 44: Little Sister’s Shadow

It is Akira’s turn to get the spotlight once more in episode 44 of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode, which naturally means the plot will revolve around Miku, her sister.

Akira's future

Akira tells Miku she wants to become a researcher

The episode begins with Akira visiting Miku at the hospital, and their conversation happens to move towards what Akira wants to do in the future. Akira says she wants to become a researcher, so she can cure Miku’s ailment.
Miku feels like she is robbing Akira of her future due to that. Visiting hours end, so Akira leaves and then Miku gets a phone call.

Aoi on a cold day

Aoi would spend a cold day eating ice cream in front of the fireplace

Moving on, the girls gather at KiraPati. They eagerly talk about what sweets they would like to make next, though Akira seems to be spacing out. Naturally, Yukari picks up on this – though it seems that Ichika does as well.
Later on, Akira’s grandma presents Akira with some sweets and a note made by Ichika. After that, Akira goes over to Ichika’s place to help her study for an upcoming test.
Later on, they learn that Miku has disappeared from the hospital.
Everyone starts to search for her. Akira happens upon a suspicious telephone, from which she can hear Miku’s voice. She picks it up, and finds herself transported to Noir’s world.


Miku has become a snowman

Elisio shows up and reveals that Miku has become the form that she wanted. Miku believes that she is holding preventing Akira from having her own future, and that she should just disappear. Of course, Akira isn’t just going to stand there.

Cure Chocolat

Cure Chocolat

Elisio isn’t exactly going to do nothing, either.

Knight Elisio

Elisio’s Costume of the Week

Elisio vs Chocolat

Elisio and Chocolat clash – though only briefly

As Chocolat and Elisio fight, Elisio tells Chocolat that it is her fault for the way that Miku has ended up. Miku saw that Akira’s future was full of possibilities. However, Akira decided her future for the sake of Miku, and that just didn’t sit right with the younger sister.


The rest of the team arrive

Miku’s shadow grows stronger, and bigger. Chocolat ends up being pulled inside, where Elisio tries to do his mind games thing. Much like with the other girls, that fails to work.

Chocolat's strength

Chocolat refuses to be stained in darkness

Chocolat admits that she has been lonely, but it is that loneliness that she draws strength from. She has no intention of giving on her dream to become a researcher and find a cure for Miku – and others who suffer from the same illness.

Miku & Chocolat

The sisters are reunited

With Miku saved from the shadow, Chocolat takes her and returns to Noir’s world. PreCuren engage the usual finishing procedure, defeating Elisio once again. However, this time is it not Elisio who retreats after the battle – it is PreCure themselves.

Elisio and Noir

Noir tells Elisio PreCure’s light is not enough to undo his darkness

Elisio has realised that he is unable to stain PreCure’s heart in shadow. However, according to Noir that won’t be a problem as his darkness still surpasses their light.


PreCure leave Noir’s world with Miku in tow

After all that, Miku is eager to tell Akira about a dream she had. There was someone cool who happened to just like Akira…
Anyways, the episode ends with some sisterly bonding with a snowman dog made of the best chocolate – white chocolate.

I found this episode to be fairly enjoyable, much like the couple before it. I’m fairly certain I have said before that this show is at its best when it is focusing on the main cast, and I still feel that way – for the most part. There may be one or two outliers.
I can’t help but wonder if this really added anything to Akira’s character though – we know her motivation pretty much revolves around her sister. I guess we got an idea of what she wants to do in the future, but it wasn’t exactly something that came as a shock.
I still maintain that I found it enjoyable, it’s just that I would say Aoi and Himari have had better character-focused episodes.

Next week, it’s a Christmas treat as it will be Yukari’s turn in the spotlight – and, of course, it is a Christmas episode. All I want for Christmas is more AkiYuka.


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