Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 7

Volume 6 of Soul Eater contained some really important events, but the volume I’ll be looking at now deals with what comes directly after. Several new characters are introduced during this volume. It also serves to introduce a major new faction, who oppose the DWMA. There are a total of five chapters in this volume, starting with chapter twenty-three and ending with chapter twenty-seven.
Soul Eater Volume 7

If you’ve read any of my previous ‘Thoughts on Manga’ posts, then you’ll know that I’ll be kicking things off with the blurb:
Shinigami-sama summons the strongest weapons from around the world to contain the rogue kishin and the spread of his madness. As these powerful weapons strategize for what will be the most difficult battle of their lives, the students of DWMA try to get back to their normal lives as best they can. For Maka, adjusting to the dangerous times is nothing compared to Crona’s struggle to adjust to life as a DWMA student!

The first chapter in this volume is the 23rd overall, and it is simply titled ‘Normalcy’. It begins by introducing Death’s weapon in charge of Europe, Justin Law. We also meet two other weapons – Death’s weapon in charge of Oceana, Marie Mjolnir and Death’s weapon in charge of east Asia, Azusa Yumi. Those are the three characters on the cover of this volume – Justin on the left, Azusa in the middle and Marie on the right.
Anyways, turns out there are seven weapons, but only four (including Spirit) respond to Shinigami’s summons. Shinigami explains the situation to them, and also asks Marie to partner up with Stein.
The ‘Normalcy’ comes from the students trying to get back into their everyday lives – they gather to have a game of basketball. Maka gets dragged into it, despite not having a clue what the rules are.

Chapter 24, ‘The Trial Enrollment (Part 1)’ sees Crona enrol in the DWMA, as suggested by Shinigami. It is also where Sid introduced Maka to Marie for the first time. The pair of them then go to meet Crona, and offer a guided tour of the DWMA.
After that, Maka meets with her fellow students, and she suggests they all try writing poems to help Crona settle in. Crona’s poem results in everyone who reads it retreating to a corner of woe.
Maka and Soul are sent to Loew Village in the Czech Republic to investigate reports of a golem going berserk. Sid sends Crona along with them as well. It is there that they meet an enchanter named ‘Saw’.
Meanwhile, Marie goes to visit Stein at his lab, telling him about the report oft he rampaging golem. Stein starts to look into it.
Back in Loew Village, Maka and her companions get attacked by a golem.

‘The Trial Enrollment (Part 2)’ is the title of chapter 25. Despite not being a living being, Maka can see that the golem has a soul – it turns out ‘Saw’ is actually a weapon called Giriko, and he built a golem to wield him rather than be used by a meister. Oh, and the type of weapon Giriko is? A chainsaw.
Maka and Crona start fighting against Giriko.
Whilst that’s happening, Stein comes to the realisation that the golem contains the soul of a witch; eldest of the three Gorgon sister, Arachne. Since Shinigami had a bad feeling about it, he had already sent someone else to the Czech Republic to back up Maka and the others – Justin Law.
Before Justin can arrive, Arachne revives. Both Maka and Crona can see that she is connected to Medusa – being sisters, that makes sense. Arachne had also been keep a watch over the world for the past 800 years by using spiders.
She commands Giriko to eliminate Crona, and Giriko gets to work. He is able to overcome Crona’s Black Blood, and overpowers the androgynous wielder of Ragnarok. However, Justin arrives in time to save Crona, and he fights against Giriko. Ultimately, Arachne calls for a retreat – her steward, Mosquito, had prepared some transport for them. They leave, whilst Justin and the DWMA students return to the DWMA.
Arachne returns to her castle, and we get a glimpse of the next major evil the DWMA will be facing: Arachnophobia.

Chapter 27 is called ‘The Bodyguard (Part 1)’, and it reveals that Arachne’s castle is called Baba Yaga Castle and is located 2,000 metre underground. We also find out that Arachnophobia has been developing a ‘morality manipulation machine’. Mosquito is the one in charge of the project, though Arachne was able to hire a bodyguard for him – Mifune, the samurai Black☆Star fought way back in the first volume.
Maka recuperates from her previous battle, and we are also introduced to Sid’s partner, Mira Naigus. She is also the interim school nurse for the DWMA.
Sid tells Mira about a research facility that they’ve discovered, and Black☆Star eavesdrops on their conversation. Black☆Star decides to follow them.
Sid arrives as the facility, stealthily sneaking in. However, Black☆Star takes a more direct approach, setting off the intruder alarm as he does so. Mifune steps out to confront Black☆Star, and that’s where this volume ends.

This volume takes things relatively easy for a chapter, just to serve as a cooldown after the events of the anniversary celebration. However, things start picking up again with the introduction of Giriko, Arachne and the organisation Arachnophobia. Naturally, Arachnophobia will serve as the main antagonists for the course of the next few volumes.
Volume eight will open with an important battle for Black☆Star – he’ll be growing even more due to his fight with Mifune. Overall, whilst it doesn’t contain as much action as the previous volumes, this one does give the reader a break before throwing the next enemy at them.
Arachne takes on the role as the big bad (with Asura remaining the bigger bad, though he doesn’t directly appear in this volume), and we have new and old enemies alike for the DWMA to overcome. Soon enough, we’ll be getting to the demon tools – but that’s for the future.

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