Rory’s Reviews: Attack on Titan: Junior High

Attack on Titan Junior High
Attack on Titan: Junior High is a high school alternate universe parody of Attack on Titan. Originally a manga series written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa, the animated adaptation was produced by Production I.G.

This parody of Attack on Titan is set in a school called ‘Titan Junior High School’, which is attended by both humans and Titans – in this universe, however, Titans are far more interested in eating students’ lunches rather than the students themselves.
All the human characters appear in chibi form. If you’ve seen or read the original Attack on Titan, you’ll quickly come to realise that characters possess the same traits, just exaggerated for comedic effect – to varying degrees of success.
Of course, Eren Jeager serves as protagonist, and his hatred of Titans runs strong. The characterisation for some of the other students makes perfect sense – Mikasa’s devotion to Eren being a good example.
However, a few characters gain traits that come from seemingly nowhere – Armin detests the cold for some reason, and characters such as Jean and Reiner come off as more annoying than funny with their new traits.
For fans of the Krista and Ymir pairing, there’s plenty of scenes for them, though Reiner also tries to earn the affection of Krista – albeit unsuccessfully due to Ymir’s efforts.

Of course, the strength of the jokes is key in a good comedy. Attack on Titan: Junior High is really hit and miss with this.
Of course, many situations that take place can be seen in other school anime – it’s just that this one has Titans.
What is not in other school anime is various events that are pretty much just repeated wholesale from Attack on Titan itself. Of course, the setting is different, but everything else plays out identically in most regards.
This can come across as somewhat lazy – Attack on Titan: Junior High does have original content, with the test of courage being a great example of that, but at times it feels like it relies far too much on scenes that you would have seen before from the main series.
Running gags become tiresome, too – it seems like Orluo’s only reason for existing is to bite his tongue, because he done that once in the main series.
Saying that, it does lead to some rather funny musical dissonance where Attack on Titan‘s arguably epic soundtrack is played over footage of the chibi characters doing their thing.

The Titans attending school leads to some questions – it’s established that they steal lunches, but it sometimes seems like the characters treat them as if they are the human-devouring monsters from the main series.
When you take into consideration Hange’s experiments, and how they are one of the many things repeated completely from the main series, one does wonder how Hange has avoided trouble for holding students prisoner… though for this kind of thing, it’s probably best not to think about it too much.

There are many nods to the main series, some of which could be considered spoiler territory – though they’re the kind of thing you’ll only know about after reading the manga or watching the main series.

Score: 7/10
Many of the gags are hit-and-miss, but there is some good original content featured in this parody. Fans of Attack on Titan will find more here to enjoy than others.

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