Rory’s Reviews: selector infected WIXOSS

selector infected WIXOSS
selector infected WIXOSS is a twelve episode fantasy, psychological anime series produced by J.C. Staff. It is a collaboration between J.C. Staff, Takara Tomy and Warner Entertainment Japan. A card game entitled WIXOSS was launched in Japan by Takara Tomy.

A trading card game known as WIXOSS has players battle against each other using cards known as ‘LRIGs’. They use other cards to support the LRIGs in order to attempt to claim victory. The protagonist of selector infected WIXOSS, Ruko Kominato, receives a deck of WIXOSS cards from her brother. She discovers that her LRIG, named Tama, is able to speak. Ruko also finds that she is one of the girls who has been chosen as a ‘selector’. She can battle against other selectors, in order to have a wish granted if she achieves enough victories. As she is drawn into the world of WIXOSS, Ruko discovers that it is a dark and sinister game.

Girls fighting for their wishes is a familiar concept, and selector infected WIXOSS could be compared to Puella Magi Madoka Magica. However, this anime should definitely be judged on its own merits.

Ruko is just one of the many selectors seen in the anime. Her LRIG, Tama, loves to battle. Unlike most other selectors, Ruko doesn’t have a wish. Most other selectors do have their own wishes, some purer than others.
Of course, being a selector and playing WIXOSS has its risks. Those who lose three times face dire consequences, which depend upon the nature of their wish. On the flip side, the selectors who are able to achieve victory enough times find their wish granted, in a manner.

There’s a fair few characters in selector infected WIXOSS, with each selector possessing their own LRIG. Each Selector’s LRIG has their own personality, often at times in stark contrast to their owner’s.
Ruko has a love for playing WIXOSS, and her LRIG Tama absolutely loves to battle. The pair form quite a strong bond during the course of the series.
Yuzuki Kurebayashi is one of Ruko’s friends, and another Selector. Her LRIG is Hanayo. Yuzuki has feelings for her brother, and is bad at containing her emotions.
Hitoe Uemura is a shy selector. Her wish is simply to have friends. Hitoe’s LRIG is Midoriko, who is passionate and loyal.
There are a few other Selectors as well, one who only seemed to be around for one or two episodes.

One positive point is that even though the card game WIXOSS is such a major part of this anime, the plot focuses on the drama between characters rather than explaining the rules for the card game.

The anime will have a second season, ‘selector spread WIXOSS‘. This is a good thing, as there were several questions that were left unanswered at the end of selector infected WIXOSS.

In conclusion, selector infected WIXOSS is an anime that does the dark psychological thing rather well. Due to this, the second half feels stronger. This could probably be attributed to all the revelations about WIXOSS, selectors and LRIGs. There are plenty of unanswered questions, hopefully which will be answered in selector spread WIXOSS.

Score: 8/10
Once selector infected WIXOSS starts dropping the bombshells, it is well worth watching. The fact that there is no long-winded sequences explaining how WIXOSS works is also rather nice, leaving plenty of time for the character drama.

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  1. I loved this review . Can you give a new guy some tips?

    • Rory says:

      Yeah. Just to clarify, what exactly do you want tips on?

      • Well. I’m having problems getting hits. You seem to have no issue with that . If possible, could you kind of give me tips on getting views. Thank you for your time.

      • Rory says:

        All I can suggest is posting links to your content on whatever social media you use, as well as actively commenting on other blogs. If you’re doing these things already, then I’m not sure how else I can help you.

  2. Overlord-G says:

    So pumped for season 2. My dearest Hitoe must find true happiness!

  3. I quite enjoyed watching through Selector and I’m pretty excited about season 2. The story was pretty intriguing and there’s a lot that can happen from this point, though I’m still hoping that there’s more characterization to expect. Yuzuki had pretty good development though I feel some of the other characters didn’t get as much so I hope this is addressed later on in the story, it seems like there’s a lot to look forward to if it all goes well.

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