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Game of the Month: July 2019

There is a drought of games this month… is what I would say if I was a complete liar. There’s perhaps too many games due out this month, making it tough to pick just one for my game of the … Continue reading

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Amanchu! Anime to Premiere in July

Continuing on with the posts about upcoming anime, here’s another one! This is an adaptation of a manga by Kozue Amano, who was also responsible for Aria. Anyway, Amanchu! follows the everyday lives of a diving club in the city … Continue reading

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Ange Vierge Anime to Premiere in July

So I’m going to get back into the habit of making a post whenever I come across some anime-related news that interests me, and here’s something I encountered earlier today. This anime is an adaptation of a trading card game. … Continue reading

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Rory’s 3DS Game of July 2015

For this month, there have been two games that I’ve considered featuring for this section. Whilst in both you control characters that wield blades, the enemies you fight are different. So the question is, which 3DS game will I be … Continue reading

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