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Summer 2019 Anime Awards

Another season of anime comes to an end, as they tend to do with the passage of time. As per usual, I’ll be looking back over what the past three months have given us anime-wise, and celebrating all the stuff … Continue reading

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Rory’s Reviews: GRANBELM

GRANBELM is a thirteen episode original anime. The director for the series was Masaharu Watanabe, and the writer was Jukki Hanada. The studio that produced the anime was Nexus. GRANBELM aired as part of the summer 2019 season of anime, … Continue reading

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GRANBELM Episode 12: Sun and Moon

Here we are at last. The GRANBELM contenders have been steadily whittled away, and we now arrive at the final battle. Everything that has happened so far has led up to this; let’s see how things go for the remaining … Continue reading

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GRANBELM Episode 11: What It Means to Be Alive

Truths were unveiled previously, and now Mangetsu has to decide on a path to take in episode eleven of GRANBELM. Here’s hoping she chooses one that leads to both her and Shingetsu finding happiness together.

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GRANBELM Episode 10: Heart and Strength

With the tenth episode of GRANBELM, it really feels like things are moving towards the end. One more battle concludes, and a certain someone has to come to terms with a truth about their existence.

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GRANBELM Episode 9: Establish an Accord

The number of participants in GRANBELM is steadily dwindling. In episode nine, the remaining girls prepare for the next round.

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GRANBELM Episode 8: Nothing

With the number of mages participating in GRANBELM steadily dwindling, Suishou is next to make her move.

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