Thoughts on How Do We Relationship? Volume 8

Miwa and Saeko find themselves navigating their way through their new respective relationships in the eight volume of Tamifull’s How Do We Relationship? manga. Surely having band camp together will help them to put things in perspective.
This volume contains chapters sixty-four to seventy-three.

How Do We Relationship Volume 8

Front cover of the eighth volume of How Do We Relationship?, featuring Miwa

Miwa finally feels like she’s getting the hang of the new shape her relationship with Saeko has taken. It’s hard to switch from being girlfriends to friends, but her growing connection with Tamaki has been a great distraction. Except now things with the cute underclassman have started to feel weird, and Miwa isn’t sure she’s brave enough to ask why. Will her second relationship fizzle out before it even starts?

The main focus of this particular volume is the blossoming relationship between Miwa and Tamaki, but before we get to that point we get a little bit from Saeko and Yuria. Those two are slowly becoming more comfortable being intimate with each other.

On Miwa’s side of things, she’s still coming to terms with Tamaki’s misunderstanding from the previous volume. It was an amusing misunderstanding, but ultimately it results in something positive for both Miwa and Tamaki. It’s nice to see Miwa and Saeko respectively pursuing much healthier relationships now. That whole friends with benefits thing they had going on before was such a drastic change in tone for the story. Thankfully we’re back to a more positive tone now.

Of course there’ll be things to overcome in any relationship. Things like Tamaki working up the courage to tell her friends, or the current girlfriends meeting the exes.
In addition to that, Miwa and Saeko have to figure out how much distance they should keep between each other whilst maintaining their friendship.

Pretty good volume of How Do We Relationship? here. Positive developments almost all around in this one.

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