Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure Episode 4: Gentle Light Soaring Softly

We’re well aware that Sora is a hero at this point, but what happens when the hero needs a hero? Also, we meet a new character.

Ageha Hijiri

Ageha Hijiri

This episode serves as the introduction of Ageha Hijiri. Perhaps one of the most notable things about her is that she’s eighteen years old. Why’s that notable? Let’s leave that for a future episode. For now, all we need to know about her is that she’s aiming to become the best nursery school teacher ever.

Sora falls for the trap

Turns out Sora might not be the sharpest tool in the shed

Sora’s intelligence is called into question in this episode. Firstly she pretty much ends up telling Ageha everything about Skyland and Princess Ellee, despite being told to keep that quiet. Then she falls right into Kabaton’s trap, something that Mashiro is able to see through with ease. That second one might be due to chronic hero syndrome, though.
Got to give props to Kabaton for taking measures to prevent Sora from transforming. Although I’m not so sure about Sora not being able to fight untransformed, considering the feat she pulled off in the previous episode…
Oh well, something’s gotta happen to leave her incapacitated, because…

Cure Prism

Cure Prism

Mashiro transforms into Cure Prism. She has doubts at first, but Ageha is able to help her overcome them. Whilst also giving us a glimpse into their shared past, when Ageha was forced to move away from her beloved Mashiro. Through that, it has been firmly established that Mashiro’s strength is her kindness.
Based on the opening credits, you’d assume that Cure Prism would be a projectile user. You’d be correct, but she does also get up close and personal with kicks and punches. It’s nice to see that she’s not exclusively a ranged attacker.

Sora & Mashiro

Mashiro effectively tells Sora to never doubt herself

So that was Cure Prism’s debut episode. It was great.
I’ve pretty much come into this season of Pretty Cure with as little information as possible, so I had no idea what to expect of Ageha. The relationship she has with Mashiro was a surprise to me – a pleasant one, though. Seems like Sora might have a bit of competition, if you know what I mean.
As for Mashiro, the star of this episode, I’m happy we finally get to see her transformation. We’ve been kept waiting a bit, but considering how enjoyable the previous episodes were, I don’t mind at all. Looking forward to seeing Cure Sky and Cure Prism fight side by side more.

Our credits cameo this time was Cure Prism, which should’ve been the most obvious guess now that I think about it. Presumably it’ll be a previous Cure in the next episode.
Great episode this week.

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1 Response to Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure Episode 4: Gentle Light Soaring Softly

  1. cirno9fan says:

    “Although I’m not so sure about Sora not being able to fight untransformed, considering the feat she pulled off in the previous episode…”
    it was more that she knew she couldn’t win (which is what she said in the JP). She did put up a fight, just like she always has, but there’s a limit to what a normal human(skylandian?) can achieve.

    She can definitely be tricky, but I guess she was too focused on being a hero to learn other things. Probably didn’t have school in skyland either.

    Either way! Another fantastic episode~ Mashiro was great fun as always, and I’m glad she’s not another parkour Martial Artist, but instead focused on a more support role. It was also nice that they didn’t have her pulling off fighting techniques, since that’s Sora’s thing. The fights on this show so far, have all been really enjoyable! Hopefully they keep it up for a long while (would be nice if it lasted till the end, but we all know eventually it’ll devolve into toys demonstrations)

    Ageha being the older childhood friend was a surprise to me too. Should offer some fun moments!

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