Thoughts on I’m Not a Succubus! Volume 2

Sakura continues her charade of being a succubus in the second volume of Horitomo’s I’m Not a Succubus! manga. She becomes even more intimately acquainted with her classmates in this volume, which contains chapters five to eight.

I'm Not a Succubus! Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of I’m Not a Succubus!, featuring Chisato Abumi and Sakura Yamamura

Human in the Sheets, Succubus in the Streets
The timid but beautiful Sakura spends her school days pretending to be a succubus, living in fear that her monster girl classmates will discover her secret – that she’s a mere human! Whether it’s helping her centaur classmate Chisato with a sacred archery ritual and then getting in some bareback riding practice, or helping a horny harpy lay an egg, Sakura has to be the hands-on ever-ready sex demon, or her days at the academy could be numbered!

Besides Sakura, the main stars of this volume are the centaur Chisato Abumi, and the harpy Hayate Ozora. Kaoru Charmian also makes a move, but the aforementioned two are the ones who get most page time with Sakura.
For Chisato, the focus is on a ritual which has her performing archery. Trouble is, she doesn’t do so well in high-pressure situations, and having everyone watch her does not make her feel at ease. Weirdly enough, though, she is able to hit the target every time when Sakura is touching her.
Chisato has been pretty stand offish towards Sakura up to this point, but of course this particular event has her soften up a little.

After Chisato’s had her time in the spotlight, exam results come in, and a couple of poor performers mean one thing: a nighttime study party. Harue Shingyoji suggests that Sakura and Hayate go over to her place for it, and they accept. Turns out Kaoru, who is always present at Harue’s side, has a small request to make of Sakura, too.
Then we get to the main thing that is troubling Hayate: she’s going to lay an egg. She is a harpy after all, so it is only natural. Not sure about the horniness coming with it, but she turns to Sakura for help with that.

I said before in my thoughts on the first volume of I’m Not a Succubus! that I’m very much team Hayate, and all I have to say about this volume is that seems to be a winning decision. Sakura seems to think Hayate’s request is because she’s (not) a succubus, but I strongly suspect there might be some genuine feelings there. Hayate does seem to get pretty jealous whenever any of the other girls are getting intimate with Sakura, after all.

Pretty good volume overall. I don’t really feel much about the stuff with Chisato, but I am happy to see Hayate get some intimate time with Sakura.

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