Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure Episode 2: The Beginning of a Story

Sora and Ellee find themselves in a strange new world in the second episode of Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure. Fortunately, Mashiro is willing to give them a place to stay.


Sora cute

This episode picks up directly after the first one, moments after Sora’s first victory against the Ranborg. Turns out that caused quite a scene, so Mashiro has her move along as quickly as possible. Does that make Sora the first Pretty Cure to technically flee from the cops?
Well, whatever the case, this episode pretty much focuses on Sora and Ellee settling into the human world for now.

Mashiro's grandmother

Mashiro’s grandmother

Time for the introduction of another character: Mashiro’s grandmother. When Mashiro tries to explain everything that has happened, she takes everything in stride. Seems like she knows a lot more than she is letting on. She’s also remarkably well prepared for taking in a baby…
Which begs the question, who is Mashiro’s grandmother really? I have a theory, but I’ll get to that in due course.

Orange birb

This bird is probably important

For now, though, I want to focus on what might be the highlight of this episode: the Sora x Mashiro content. Sora and Mashiro taking care of Ellee really reminds me of Mirai and Riko taking care of Ha-chan. Or Hikaru and Lala with Yuma from the Star Twinkle movie. Seems like we could have another pair of Pretty Cure mums here, and I’m all for it.

Sora's vow

Sora vows to be Mashiro’s knight

Then we have Sora thinking that Mashiro might be a princess when she sees her house, which leads to Sora vowing to become Mashiro’s knight. I love this season of Pretty Cure so much already. A princess and her knight… so good. Admittedly Mashiro’s not so much into the idea, but the seeds have been planted.
We get some pretty amusing fish out of water stuff from Sora as she goes shopping with Mashiro, too. Despite that, she’s determined to remain true to her desire to be a hero.

Sora's hero

Sora’s hero

Sora shares with Mashiro why she wants to be a hero so much, and the reason is simple: she was rescued by one when she was younger. That’s all the information we have about Sora’s hero at the moment. What if it was Mashiro’s grandmother? That’s the aforementioned theory I’m going with until I’m proven wrong. After all Mashiro’s grandmother seems to know Ellee, and doesn’t seem surprised to hear about Pretty Cure.

Monster of the Week

Vending machine Ranborg

On that note, the monster of the week this time around is created from a vending machine. This one can launch bottles as missiles. Seems like it has an endless supply of them, too. Makes for a pretty enjoyable action sequence.

Sore and Cure Sky

Cure Sky princess carries Mashiro to safety

Also, we get Cure Sky princess carrying Mashiro. I strongly suspect that I’m gonna love this season a whole lot.
Before I wrap things up here, I want to just want to say that I like how Pretty Holic has become a consistent brand in the Pretty Cure universe since Tropical Rouge. It gives that little extra bit of continuity between seasons, which is neat.

Two episodes done, and two episodes that get a big thumbs up from me. Soaring Sky is off to a soaring start, already giving us a lot of stuff that was entirely absent in the previous season. I hope that it can continue on with this momentum.
Next time, homesick Ellee.

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1 Response to Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure Episode 2: The Beginning of a Story

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I need to say: I really like Mashiro’s voice. And the back and forth between her and Sora is always so ❤ it's been a really enjoying show so far, and I'm excited to see where it all goes~
    Definitely has the makings of one of the hall of fame Precures. Curious how the "friends" are going to show up in the ED from now on….

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