Thoughts on The Demon Girl Next Door Volume 6

Yuko and Momo get around to some serious business in the sixth volume of Izumo Ito’s The Demon Girl Next Door manga. Or at least they would, if not for a situation involving Ogura…
This volume contains chapters sixty-five to seventy-seven.The Demon Girl Next Door Volume 6THE DEMON GIRLBOSS NEXT DOOR
As she settles into her role as the neighbourhood boss, Shamiko wants to know more about magical girls, demons, and the town itself. But while she struggles to bring up the topic to Momo, Ogura-san is suddenly launched into another dimension!

I think the first observation I want to make about this volume of The Demon Girl Next Door is that it really wants you to watch the anime. Honestly, that’s a great suggestion. I’d recommend doing as it suggests.

Anyways, there’s some pretty important reveals in this volume. But first, Serious Business. The business in which Yuko invites Momo out for yakiniku in an attempt to get to know her better. It should probably go without saying that things really don’t work at quite as Yuko hopes. Let’s face it, they rarely do – and there is a lot of entertainment to be found in that.

Then we go from things not working out to unexpected events, with Sion Ogura at the centre of one such event. That whole thing finally sheds some light on just who Ogura is. About time, considering how present she always seems to be. There’s always been something a little- no, sorry, a lot – odd about Ogura, and now this volume gives us the missing puzzle pieces.

The other major reveal that this volume gives us is Momo’s past. She’s avoided talking about it up until now, but events transpire that make her feel ready to share. This volume was great to begin with, but the whole dive into Momo’s past elevates it to perhaps the best we’ve gotten from The Demon Girl Next Doors so far.
Whilst there are bits and pieces that have hinted at Momo’s past before, even as early as volume 1, the reveals are so good. Naturally I have no intention of spoiling any of it. I sincerely hope that the anime continues and adapts this particular arc, because those who have no intention of reading the manga are missing out on something phenomenal.

We’ve come quite a ways through the journey of The Demon Girl Next Door, and this volume might be the strongest we’ve gotten so far. Thing look very promising for the future as well, particularly with the reveals of this volume providing plenty of intrigue for what is to come.

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