Thoughts on How Do We Relationship? Volume 7

Both Miwa and Saeko are moving onto new chapters in their respective lives in the seventh volume of Tamifull’s How Do We Relationship?. They both still have their own challenges to overcome, though.
This volume contains chapters fifty-five to sixty-three.

How Do We Relationship Volume 7

Front cover of the seventh volume of How Do We Relationship?, featuring Saeko Sawatari

Getting over an ex is hard, especially when you’re still sleeping with them! It takes Miwa and Saeko a while to let go of that final aspect of their relationship, but now they are both ready to move on and give new love a chance.

Volume six of How Do We Relationship? was certainly a trip, but this seventh volume brings things around to a much healthier pace for both Miwa and Saeko. It’s nice to see they were able to move on, whilst still remaining friends. Just regular friends, by the way, the “with benefits” stuff is just a bad memory now.

That isn’t to say that the pair of them are cruising through life without a care, though. Miwa’s on the search for someone new. It seems like a girl did catch her eye, but she has plenty of doubts about that. So much so that she lies about her sexuality… until she accidentally lets it slip. Then later on there’s a misunderstanding, but I’d say the outcome of that is on the positive side.

As for Saeko, she’s dating now. She seems to be pretty happy, but when the time comes to get intimate… the same worries she had before make a resurgence. Turns out she’s not alone in feeling that way. Things seem to really be working out well for Saeko.

This volume of How Do We Relationship? is definitely a lot more enjoyable than the previous one. We went through some rough times there, but it appears that our characters are bouncing back. Definitely a much more positive vibe running through this volume, thankfully.

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