Thoughts on Konohana Kitan Volume 11

Satsuki returns to her home in the eleventh volume of Sakuya Amano’s Konohana Kitan manga. She has Yuzu in tow, of course. Satsuki reluctantly goes to meet her parents, particularly considering her current status.

Konohana Kitan Volume 11

Front cover of the eleventh volume of Konohana Kitan, featuring Satsuki and Yuzu

Satsuki, joined by fellow kitsune Yuzu, continues on her journey to find her dream. while travelling through Kyoto, they decide to visit Satsuki’s family at Mt. Inari. Will Satsuki be able to explain her decision to leave Konohanatei to her successful, traditional parents?

After there not being a lot of Satsuki and Yuzu in the previous volume, I’m happy to see that we do get more from the couple in this volume. The focus on those two in particular is their arrival in Kyoto, and Satsuki visiting her parents.

Before I get to that, though, there are also a couple of chapters that serve as flashbacks to show how Satsuki, and then Ren, were as newcomers to Konohanatei. Yuzu and Satsuki may be away from the inn, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing anything from it. I think the most important thing to take away from those particular chapters is that Satsuki needs Yuzu.

In the present day, Yuzu and Satsuki actually end up bumping into a familiar face; a former guest at Konohanatei. There are two parts to the Kyoto trip; the first has Satsuki return to the place she grew up, and the second is visiting her parents.
Some pretty interesting stuff is revealed about Satsuki here. Seems like a single hide and seek game can have quite the indirect influence on someone’s fears.
The events that happen in Kyoto do make for some enjoyable reading, especially once Satsuki’s parents appear. I really quite enjoyed Yuzu getting her words mixed up and telling Satsuki’s mother that they are going out. Even better, Satsuki’s mother totally takes it in stride.
Satsuki paints quite the impression of her parents, so there are definitely expectations in place before they show up proper. I imagine readers will be drawing up their own ideas about them, and it does leave me wondering how many get close to the mark.

This volume of Konohana Kitan gave me exactly what I felt was missing from the previous one: more Yuzu x Satsuki content. I really like what this volume offers us, particularly with Satsuki steadily moving closer towards finding her dream. Supported by Yuzu, of course.

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