Thoughts on The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! Volume 4

Jahy’s quest to collect mana crystals continues in the fourth volume of Wakame Konbu’s The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! manga. She definitely doesn’t get distracted by anything. Like, at all…
This volume contains chapters twenty-four to thirty-two.The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! Volume 4The Great Jahy’s quest to collect mana crystals is going sideways! Between the exhaustion from her part-time job and the prospect of her magical girl nemesis popping up at every turn, her mental load has long since reached its limit. But even when she has to stretch the truth to keep up appearances, or she impulsively buys a bunch of useless junk, or the universe seems set on foiling her evil(?) plans, the Great Jahy will not be defeated!

That thing I said about Jahy not getting distracted… yeah, there’s actually a lot of her getting distracted in this volume. Whether its getting suckered into buying useless objects whilst shopping or becoming so engrossed in preparing traps should a certain someone show up, it doesn’t particularly seem like Jahy’s mind is really on collecting those mana crystals.

And that’s something she does seem to pick up on, particularly when she takes a moment to consider she has a part time job that she might actually enjoy. But perhaps that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Not that Jahy realises it at this point.

Also in this volume, we have Saurva suffering more misfortunes, the magical girl divulging why she is willing to take on the misfortune that arises from possessing mana crystals, more cute Kokoro interactions, Druj’s report on mana crystal collection and a fight between sisters. Jahy has a lot on her plate, and that doesn’t even include her hunt for mana crystals.

Still, we have a fun cast of characters here, and Jahy’s interactions with them all bring some form of entertainment. This volume is a pretty good showcase of that. Just pretty fun stuff all around. Plot doesn’t particularly advance much, but there is a hint of things to come at the end. Sometimes its nice to just have a laugh, though.

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