Thoughts on Hello, Melancholic! Volume 3

An air of awkwardness hangs over Minato and Hibiki in the third and final volume of Yayoi Ohsawa’s Hello, Melancholic! manga. If they can get over that, there’s an opportunity waiting for Minato. If only she wasn’t so reluctant about it…
This volume contains chapters ten to fourteen.Hello, Melancholic! Volume 3In Love, but Out of Harmony
Chika and Sakiko’s past has struck a chord with Minato. But just as she starts to confront her feelings for Hibiki, the two clash over the future of their aspiring band.
Don’t miss the climactic final movement of this musical yuri manga!

This may be the final volume of Hello, Melancholic!, but that doesn’t mean that Minato and Hibiki’s relationship won’t be turbulent. From awkwardness to their first fight and beyond, there’s a fair amount going on between the two girls here.
But they do say that the path of true love never runs smooth, and it does make for a pretty interesting story. The awkwardness that Minato and Hibiki have going into the start of this chapter arises due to the doubts that they both have after their date previously. Fortunately, they have some pretty good bandmates who are willing to give them a push in the right direction.

On the subject of pushing, it seems that Minato feels that Hibiki takes it a little too far when an opportunity arises for her. That might be a good thing in the end, though, as Minato shows a side of herself that she had never been willing to share with anyone else before that point. Although there’s still some awkwardness there, although that seems to be par for the course for Minato and Hibiki at this point.

Following Minato and Hibiki’s journey has been fun, and it is nice to see their relationship advance to new levels. They both admit to worrying about a lot of things in their future, but I’d say things will be just fine between the pair of them.
Yayoi Ohsawa has given us an enjoyable story with Hello, Melancholic!. One that I would say is worth checking out. A very welcome addition to my ever-growing yuri collection.

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