Thoughts on Futari Escape Volume 1

Futari Escape is a yuri comedy manga written and illustrated by Shouichi Taguchi. It focuses on two young women who spend most of their time trying to escape from reality. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga for English release.
This first volume contains chapters one to eight.

Futari Escape Volume 1

Front cover of the first volume of Futari Escape, featuring Senpai and Kouhai

Slackers Unite!
Two young women – one an overworked manga artist, the other a jobless slacker – try to escape the realities of adulthood. Whether it’s by going into debt whilst splurging on an epic meal or taking an impromptu trip, “Kouhai” and “Senpai” always find a way to make the most of their days! Kick back and relax with this adorable yuri comedy!

Seems like Shouichi Taguchi wanted to escape from giving the characters proper names, so they are known simply as Kouhai and Senpai. But which one is Senpai, and which one is Kouhai? That becomes pretty obvious as you read the manga, but I wonder how many people can figure that out with just the front cover as a clue.
The central theme of Futari Escape is escapism. Senpai doesn’t want to work, and Kouhai really does not want to deal with her manuscript deadlines. It’s kind of surprising to see that they manage to actually get by somehow, considering just how much escaping they do. Then again, this is a comedy, so obviously that stuff is played for laughs.

Senpai and Kouhai’s escapades take on a variety of forms; from indulging in some fancy food to getting away, they always seem to have something to help them blissfully ignore reality. Feels like Senpai is the one who initiates it most of the time; I guess her unemployment makes her the bigger slacker of the two. Although Kouhai isn’t exactly resistant to the ideas – or can’t even remember the ones she comes up with herself on at least a couple of occasions…
I wouldn’t recommend turning a blind eye to reality in real life, but Senpai and Kouhai make it a lot of fun. That’s generally where the comedy part comes in. The situations they get into do prove to be pretty amusing, right up until reality comes a knocking.
As for the yuri part, I can say that Senpai and Kouhai are cute together. I couldn’t tell you the exact state of their relationship, though. Whatever it is, they’re comfortable sharing a bath together. There’s also some genuinely sweet moments here and there, particularly when they tell each other how they appreciate each other’s company.

Futari Escape‘s first volume is a fun read. Should the urge to escape from reality ever hit you, you could do worse then burying your face in this manga. Escaping reality whilst reading about Senpai and Kouhai escaping reality… sounds kinda good.

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