Thoughts on Yuri Is My Job! Volume 10

The tenth volume of miman’s Yuri Is My Job! manga takes us back to the opening of Café Liebe, with a particular focus on its first Schwestern pair.
This volume contains chapters forty-seven to fifty-one (plus 51.5).Yuri Is My Job! Volume 10SHALL WE?
Sumika realises that her friend was right about her crush on Kanoko. In order to keep things professional, Sumika distances herself from the first-year, but Kanoko doesn’t understand why Sumika’s suddenly grown so cold… As the customers in the salon begin to notice a change in their relationship, an alumna shows up, complicating things further.

This volume starts with a flashback centred on Nene, and how she came to work in Café Liebe as one of the very first Schwestern pairs – together with Sumika. The particular events it shows here give a little more context for why Sumika hates romance so much, which certainly makes things interesting when the story returns to the present day.
Before that, though, we also learn a little more of Nene’s interactions with a former member of Café Liebe’s staff: Yoko. Nene and Yoko have something in common. That ends up growing into something, though the way things shape up between them is something that Nene feels unclear on.

Which is why she meets with Yoko in the present day, in an attempt to have that important conversation. Needless to say, drama is born from that. Things can never seem to go smoothly for anyone who works at Café Liebe, because that would just be boring, I suppose.
On that note, Kanoko seems pretty close to going off the deep end, as well. She’s still processing what happened with Hime, and things don’t really help when Hime is able to casually talk about that event.

But, perhaps, there is a positive development for Kanoko – and by extension, Sumika – in this volume. Or maybe a certain someone is manipulating things to get at someone else. It’s not exactly clear at this point whether that person was acting out of goodwill or not. Considering how Yuri Is My Job! tends to be, I’d say the whole point of that is simply to stir up drama. Will have to wait until the next volume to see how everything unfolds.

Still, definitely got an interesting development from this volume, and it’s nice to learn a little more of Café Liebe’s history.

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