Game of the Month: December 2022

All right, let’s do this one more time this year. For the final month of 2022, I have one honourable mention before I shall get to game I want to highlight here.First, the honourable mentions goes to DRAGON QUEST TREASURES. Wealth, fame, power – oh, wait, that’s something else. But DRAGON QUEST TREASURES does have you control Erik and his sister Mia as they search for treasure in a land called Draconia – so effectively that makes it a prequel to DRAGON QUEST XI. Erik and Mia can also recruit monsters to help them search for treasure – there’s a lot of DNA from other Dragon Quest titles in this one. I like it.

Now that brings me to my final game of the month for 2022.SAMURAI MAIDENSAMURAI MAIDEN is a female-led sword-fighting action game. The story focuses on Tsumugi, a girl from the 21st century who finds herself warped back in time to the Sengoku period, where she encounters Nobunaga Oda. Tsumugi also discovers that it is said she will be the one to defeat the Demon Lord. Fortunately, she knows how to handle a sword.
Tsumugi is also accompanied by three companions: Iyo, Hagane and Komimi, who will fight alongside her. Tsumugi can also grow closer to her companions, even to the point where locking lips with them will enhance their abilities.

Building up Tsumugi’s affection with her allies will let her pick up new techniques along the way, expanding her options in combat. She can also call on her allies whilst fighting to have them use their own unique techniques to help out.

If you fancy picking up a hack and slash game, then SAMURAI MAIDEN is one that you could consider. I’ve been enjoying it. Good stuff.

That wraps up my last Game of the Month post for 2022, but I’m not done talking about the video games of this year on this blog just yet. I’ll have a top ten list out at the end of this month.

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