Thoughts on How Do We Relationship? Volume 6

Miwa’s mental health is at a very bad place in the sixth volume of Tamifull’s How Do We Relationship? manga, and Saeko stopping by her place doesn’t seem to particularly help matters, either.
This volume contains chapters forty-six to fifty-four.How Do We Relationship Volume 6Miwa’s trip to Okinawa did not go as hoped, and now she’s back home, alone and heartbroken in her small, messy apartment. When Saeko stops by to check in on her, Miwa looks to her ex for far more than just emotional comfort. But will a friends with benefits situation really benefit either of them?

So How Do We Relationship? has veered far off course from what I expected from it at this point, with the relationship between Miwa and Saeko becoming something incredibly unhealthy. Add in to that Miwa sinking into depression, and lots of bad decisions are being made by the girls.
At one point, I even thought the story was going to walk down a very dark path; it manages to stop just shy of that, fortunately. Might have come a little too close for it for comfort, though…

This volume starts with a focus on Miwa and Saeko’s relationship, and it’s a troubled one for sure. On the bright side, though, they do eventually move past all of that. Saeko even finds someone else, and pursues a far healthier relationship. For now.

Things get a bit odd on Miwa’s side, though. Up until this point, she has been adamant that she has only ever had interest in girls. Now suddenly she’s expressing an interest in some guy, Nothing ultimately comes of that, but it felt like such a bizarre turn of events with what has been established about Miwa so far.
Besides, it seems that she meets another girl she has an actual romantic interest in. If only she could pluck up the courage to ask her, though…

So whilst this volume doesn’t particularly restore the status quo, it does set out Miwa and Saeko’s respective paths on a much more healthy note. There are certainly some major speed bumps on the way, but the two are definitely looking much happier by the end of this volume. We took quite the journey to get to this point, but its possible things are going to start looking up again.

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