Thoughts on Dungeon People Volume 1

Dungeon People is manga written and illustrated by Sui Hutami. It focuses on a thief named Clay, who delves deep into a dungeon in search of her missing father. As she reaches the deeper levels of the dungeon, she ends up getting a job offer. She goes from exploring the dungeon to administrating it.
Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga for English release. This first volume contains chapters one to seven.Dungeon People Volume 1HELP WANTED! NO EXPERIENCE POINTS NECESSARY.
An unexplored dungeon, filled with monsters and traps. An expert thief, searching for her lost father. When Clay delves deep into the dungeon deeper than any adventurer has ever gone, she is offered a job by the dungeon’s caretaker! Now, instead of exploring, Clay must learn how to interview new monsters, set traps, and position slimes around the dungeon. Will this new career path bring her any closer to finding her father?

Sometimes you just read the synopsis of a manga, and decide to give it a go. Dungeon People is one such example for me, and I have to say that I am not disappointed. The whole idea of there being people working behind the scenes in a dungeon to keep it running smoothly is a fun idea, and this manga explores that.
First things first, though, is establishing our main character: a thief by the name of Clay. The first thing we see is her being subjected to some deadly training courtesy of her father. That training definitely pays off when we get to the present day, though, as Clay demonstrates that she is quite the badass.
Safe to say that I like Clay a lot already.

Although all that ability doesn’t mean much when she goes toe-to-toe with the dungeon’s administrator, another girl by the name of Bellehara Langdas – that fight is effectively Clay’s job interview, although failing it results in her starting a new career.
Bellehara is also a fun character. She might also have a thing for Clay, or maybe that’s just my own wishful thinking. Either way, those two definitely make for an interesting pair.

After their meeting, Clay’s life overseeing the dungeon begins. She has all sorts of duties to perform, such as restocking treasure chests, or even fighting the adventurers who enter the dungeon. Clay doesn’t fight them directly, though; instead, she gets to experience what being a monster is like. Some interesting systems are in place in the dungeon, and this volume explains them a bit.

I really like this first volume of Dungeon People. It’s definitely charmed me with it characters and the behind the scenes of a dungeon. There are some manga out there that you just click with right away, and this is definitely one of them for me. I would totally watch an anime adaptation of this manga, based on my impressions from the first volume alone. Super fun stuff here.

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