Thoughts on The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! Volume 3

An unexpected visitor shows up on Jahy’s doorstep in the third volume of Wakame Konbu’s The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! manga. A visitor that Jahy is not in the slightest bit happy about seeing…
This volume contains chapters fifteen to twenty-three.The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! Volume 3When the magical girl responsible for the undoing of the Dark Realm appears before her, the Great Jahy seizes the moment to attack, only to get a taste of true terror! Now with the enemy close, it’s time for the Dark Lord’s right-hand woman to double down on her domination of the human world! Can she collect more mana crystals? Could she perhaps claw back a little dignity too?! For even when the words “magical girl” strike fear into her heart, even when the workouts are hellish, even when her noisy neighbour won’t keep it down, the Great Jahy will not be defeated!!

This particular volume of The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated introduces the very person responsible for destroying the Dark Realm into the story. It is an event that leads Jahy quite traumatised, although it does end up leading to some good things for her.
So though Jahy may lose something important, she does gain herself a new friend and get closer to her landlady. Close enough to find herself waking up next to her naked…

That new friend Jahy makes is a girl by the name of Kokoro. Of course Jahy is hesitant to get involved with her at first, but Kokoro’s innocence manages to work its way into Jahy’s heart. A beginning of a beautiful friendship blooming here, I suspect.
Besides Kokoro, we also get to learn a bit more about the magical girl. She’s an… interesting one. She insists that she’s doing her part as an agent of good, but… well, nobody else seems to see it that way. And whilst it’s natural that Jahy wouldn’t, seems like Ryou and the police are also of the same mind.

Besides getting to know those new characters, we also get a chapter that checks in on Saurva – who gets some motivational advice from Jahy, unbeknownst to her. We also see Jahy’s boss pick up a workout routine, getting Jahy to join her.

Once again, fun stuff from The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!. Very much looking forward to seeing more interactions between Jahy and Kokoro. Same for Jahy and the magical girl, too. New characters introduced in this volume, and we get good stuff from those already established.

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