Thoughts on A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow Volume 9

Time marches on in the ninth volume of Makoto Hagino’s A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow, and the time for graduation is almost upon Koyuki. This is the final volume of the series, which contains chapters thirty-one to thirty-three, plus an epilogue.

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow Volume 9

Front cover of the ninth and final volume of A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow, featuring Koyuki Honami and Konatsu Amano

Even though life is changing for Koyuki and Konatsu, the Aquarium Club and the little salamander that brought them together will remain a special, immutable link between them in the days ahead. As autumn arrives and Koyuki’s graduation looms, Konatsu summons all her courage to confront one lingering doubt – must their friendship end just because their stories are diverging?

Here it is at last: the conclusion of A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow. I get that it is a slow-burn kind of thing, but I still honestly feel that this series might’ve been just a little too long. We had much dragging of heels to get to this point. However, we are now at the end.

My thoughts on how it ends? Well, I’m not disappointed. However, I’m not exactly incredibly thrilled, either. It ends, that much I can say. We’ve seen the relationship develop between Konatsu and Koyuki over the course of nine volumes, and this final doesn’t exactly shake things up between them.
I guess it’s just a case of the status quo being maintained – not necessarily a bad thing, but it would’ve pretty neat to see Konatsu and Koyuki develop into something more.

Still, A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow did keep my attention for nine volumes. Admittedly it was starting to wane a bit towards the end there, but it did just enough. I’m still of the opinion that the story could’ve probably been brought to a close a little earlier than it was, but hey, we got there in the end.

Overall, A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow was fine. Nothing spectacularly flashy about it, just as there wasn’t anything particularly bad about it, either.

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