Thoughts on Yuri Is My Job! Volume 9

Time for the spotlight to shine on a different pair of sisters in the ninth volume of miman’s Yuri Is My Job! manga. It is Sumika and Kanoko’s turn to bring some drama into Liebe.
This volume contains chapters forty-two to forty-six point five.Yuri Is My Job! Volume 9SUNNY DAYS
Hime returns to Liebe and a newcomer joins as well. Now the kitchen is well-staffed and the café is back in full swing! Of all the girls, Sumika is the most overjoyed, but she walks the salon with a foreboding that this happiness cannot last… All the while, something deep in her heart begins to change.

All the drama with Hime is now behind us, but Kanoko’s feelings towards her have not changed. Not that Kanoko has any plans to act on said feelings. She’s more than happy to talk it out with Sumika, though.
Well, at least Sumika doesn’t develop romantic feelings towards Kanoko… oh.
So much of this volume is spent with Sumika trying to deny those feelings she is developing towards Kanoko. It seems her experience of romance in Liebe has left her traumatised.
Unfortunately for her, there is at least one other person working in Liebe who is able to pick up on those feelings – that would be Nene, who is usually working in the kitchen. A conversation between those two leaves Sumika confused, which doesn’t really help matters.

Even Kanoko is able to pick up on Sumika acting differently, but its pretty plain she is completely oblivious to why that may be the case. After all, she only has eyes for Hime. Kanoko is not willing to act on those feelings, though. I’m really not a fan of that passive stuff, though. There’s no actual happiness to be found there, even if Kanoko tries to claim otherwise.
I suspect we’re going to get a lot more frustration as this particular arc continues. Sumika denying her feelings and Kanoko hopelessly devoted to helping Hime achieve some kind of superficial happiness… Ugh.
Then Liebe gets a visit from an alumna, and the one who could be considered responsible for Sumika baring such hatred towards romance. Things sure don’t happen by halves, huh?

On a brighter note, a new character joins the cast. She joins Nene in the kitchen, and then… that’s it, actually. Well, aside from that chapter 46.5, which pretty much serves as little more than exposition of the relationships between the various sister pairs. Would’ve been nice to get to know Haruko Shinooka a little more, but alas…

Well, this is certainly a volume of Yuri Is My Job!. Seems like the yuri might be a bit more than a job this time around, though. Whether anything will come of it remains to be seen, but considering how things have gone with past drama… my hopes are not high. I don’t think I’m quite enjoying Yuri Is My Job! as much as I was with its earlier volumes. I’ll continue to stick with it, though.

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