Thoughts on My Deer Friend Nokotan Volume 2

Koshitan and Nokotan are fighting for the Deer Club’s future in the second volume of Oshioshio’s My Deer Friend Nokotan manga. Their opposition… someone that Koshitan actually knows very well.
This volume contains chapters eight to thirteen.My Deer Friend Nokotan Volume 2Deer Club in Danger!
Koshitan and Nokotan’s dreams of a thriving Deer Club are on the line! Their club room has been wrecked and a mysterious hunter wants Nokotan’s head. Only one thing can save the Deer Club. A… trivia contest? That can’t be right. What about a fashion show? A MyTube channel? Surely, a livestream of cute deer Nokotan will help. Whatever Koshitan and Notokan (sic) come up with, one thing is for sure: they’ll need a lot of deer crackers.

Hmm, good start when a main character’s name is spelt wrong in the blurb – a main character whose name is also in the title… Not that that really has any major effect on the contents of this volume.
Koshitan and Nokotan return with even more zany hijinks, and the first thing they’re dealing with is someone who vehemently opposes the Deer Club.
A new character joins the cast in this volume, and that is Anko Koshi. Koshitan’s actual name is Torako Koshi, so that should provide some idea of who this new girl is to her. Anko is Koshitan’s younger sister, and now a rival for Nokotan. Anko has a major sister complex, which is her reason for being so against the Deer Club.
Wrecking the place isn’t enough for her, she also has the gall to challenge Nokotan to a trivia quiz. Such horrific scenes! Well, maybe only for Koshitan, since it is trivia all about her. Many embarrassing truths come to light.

Other antics in this volume include preparing for something that looks a lot like a deer version of a fashion week, streaming on MyTube, a new year’s shrine visit and the Game of (Deer) Life. Of course Nokotan makes these events a whole lot more whacky than you’d initially think. Some of the gags are just so far out there that I find myself chuckling away to them. Koshitan reacting to them all the time also adds that little extra, as she continues her role of being the only sane person in the manga.
I wonder how long until she properly breaks…?

This was a fun volume to read. I love the surreal nature of the humour in this manga, which includes the odd meta joke here and there. It’s silly, but it is entertainingly silly. I like that a lot.

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