Thoughts on Divine Raiment Magical Girl Howling Moon Volume 3

Kaguya and Himawari attend an idol concert in the third volume of Divine Raiment Magical Girl Howling Moon. Just a totally normal concert, definitely nothing evil going on there. Also, this is the final volume of the series.
This volume contains chapters nine to the final one, chapter fourteen.Divine Raiment Magical Girl Howling Moon Volume 3Kaguya and Himawari just want to enjoy a concert with their new friend, Kuon, but danger’s never far. Little do they know that they’re in ground zero for the never-ending battles of the Elder Wars – and they’re not the only magical girls around! When Clear Klier reveals herself and captures Kaguya, the chaos that ensues leads to revelations about the truth behind Kaguya and her alter ego, Howling Moon…

So apparently this is the final volume. The last update regarding this series was from 2021, saying that it was “temporarily” ending. I can’t seem to find anything more recent, so I feel like anybody waiting for a continuation might not want to hold their breath.
This volume has an idol concert as a setup for a big old conflict, with the audience being the victims whilst magical girls fight among themselves.
Which leads to the final part of the series, which feels incredibly abrupt. I can’t say for sure, but it seems that the decision to end this series where it did might have played a factor in that.

An important new character gets introduced, and then we are presented with an ending. “Ending” might be a generous term for it, because nothing is resolved. The Elder Wars that are the central conflict of this manga are no closer to coming to an end then when this series began.
The final chapter says “Part 1: End”, but that all-caps FINAL on the front cover suggests otherwise. Maybe there is a second part being worked on, but for now this is what Divine Raiment Magical Girl Howling Moon closes on.

As it stands right now, this final volume is disappointing. However, if the story ever does continue… well, perhaps it can be redeemed. Bringing all that information in for the final chapter sure felt like a rush job, though…

If you want an ecchi magical girl fix, there are far better options out there. Divine Raiment Magical Girl Howling Moon is not a series I’ll be recommending to anybody any time soon.

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