Thoughts on Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon Volume 3

Asahi has a lot to consider when it comes to feelings in the third volume of Shio Usui’s Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon manga.
This volume contains chapters eleven to fifteen.Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon Volume 3BETWEEN FRIENDSHIP AND ROMANCE
Hinako wants to get closer to Asahi, but there is still a lot she needs to work out. What will happen when she turns to Fuuka in her time of need? And how will Fuuka handle her own feelings for Asahi?

Well, if nothing else, at least in this volume we see that Hinako is a bit more determined to follow through with her own feelings. Even then, though, there’s still a caveat, and it’s still proving to be a little frustrating. It seems that Hinako’s idea of what love is doesn’t match up to the actual feeling she gets, which must mean she has no romantic inclinations towards Asahi. You know, despite being obviously in love with her…

Most of this volume focuses on Asahi, though. A fight with Subaru (still best character in this manga, by the way) has her spending a night over at Hinako’s place – whilst Fuuka, her childhood friend, drinks her sorrows away with Subaru at her place.

Fuuka, who desires to be more than just a friend to Asahi. Seems like she never had any intention of doing anything about that, but then Hinako appeared. I’m not so sure about some of Fuuka’s actions in this volume, since Asahi seems to go along with her out of obligation rather than any other reason.
Fuuka realises pretty quickly that things aren’t going to go the way she wants, but Asahi doesn’t seem any less confused about her own feelings.

I guess Hinako and Asahi are in a slightly better place than they were in the previous volume, but they both still need to put in a little work. With the next volume being the final one, here’s hoping things go well for them.

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