Thoughts on A Witch’s Printing Office Volume 6

The search for a spell to get Mika back home to her own world continues in the sixth and final volume of A Witch’s Printing Office. There might be a little bit of hope on that front, but before that there’s the small issue of the world’s magic disappearing to deal with.
This volume contains chapters thirty-two to thirty-seven, the final chapter.A Witch's Printing Office Volume 6Ever since Mika was transported from Japan to a fantasy world, she’s been running Magic Market in the hopes of finding a spell to take her home. But when all the world’s magic disappears, it’s up to Mika to deal with this crisis – and that means visiting the home of the fey. As the origin of human magic, the realm is full of surprises (including a fairy ruler who wants a Magiket booth!), but could it also be the key to granting Mika’s greatest desire? The book closes on A Witch’s Printing Office in this final volume!

It’s been a lot of fun following along with Mika’s efforts to run a convention in a fantasy world, but alas all things must come to an end. Doesn’t stop this final volume from being filled with the same charm that captured my attention from the very first chapter.
Whilst Magic Market is mostly about tomes containing various spells, one chapter in this volume introduces us to the concept of the “magi-game” – games designed for witches and wizards to play. Of course Mika ends up accidentally trapped in one, and the only way out is to clear the game. Shame the creator is quite sadistic…
I’m a little disappointed the magi-game concept was introduced so late into the series, since I feel like there could be some pretty decent potential there. At least what we do get is fun.

Other trials Mika finds herself dealing with include a ghost, magic completely disappearing and the Fairy King. Those last two happen to be connected.
With the disappearance of magic, it is possible to see just how reliant the people of the world were on it. You know, besides anybody like Mika, who couldn’t use magic in the first place.
That does result in a visit to the realm of the fairies, and discovering the cause of what made the world’s magic disappear.
Mika’s meeting with the Fairy King also brings to light some very important information regarding her efforts to get back home. In particular, she learns something about the wizard who accompanies her to meet the Fairy King, as well as a certain tome she owns.

With pieces falling into place, the end of A Witch’s Printing Office approaches – and of course it ends with one more Magic Market event. I do like the way in which it ends; very fitting for this series.

A Witch’s Printing Office has been a lot of fun to read from start to finish. It has a whole lot of charm to it, on top of plenty great humour. I’ve always liked the idea of what a comic convention might look like in a fantasy world, and this manga realises that idea so well.
An excellent series, definitely well worth the read.

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