Thoughts on Yuri Is My Job! Volume 8

Hime’s time at Liebe appears to be coming to an end in the fourth volume of miman’s Yuri Is My Job! manga. Or it would be, if not for Mitsuki and Kanoko putting their differences aside to convince her to stay.
This volume contains chapters – or shifts, as they’re called here – thirty-seven to forty-one.

Yuri Is My Job! Volume 8

Front cover of the eighth volume of Yuri Is My Job!, featuring Mitsuki Yano

Putting aside their enmities, Mitsuki and Kanoko combine forces to bring their beloved Hime back to Liebe. Mitsuki has resolved to accept any harsh rejections that Hime may have, and is now prepared to work alongside her. On the day of the shared birthday event for Mitsuki and Hime, the two look picture perfect. However, when the show’s over, what Hime shares with Mitsuki is something nobody saw coming…

Not entirely sure why the staff of Liebe decide that they should go ahead with that joint birthday event with the heavy air between Hime and Mitsuki, but that’s exactly what they do in this volume. So it does not come as a surprise when Mitsuki breaks character, and has to have others cover for her.
Also, that whole event seems like nothing more than a big ploy to just get Hime to stay at Liebe, despite her already making it very clear that she intends to leave.
Which brings us to the climax of this story arc, where heated words are finally exchanged. Hime and Mitsuki finally have a conversation.

Following all that drama, things get much lighter as the girls do an overnight stay at the hotel that the exterior of Liebe Academy is modelled after – so effectively they’re staying at Liebe Academy itself. I’ve definitely had my fill of drama up to this point, so it is a welcome change of pace.

A change of pace where Mitsuki is trying to figure out the appropriate distance to be from Hime, whilst Hime is constantly flustered. And bathing together certainly doesn’t help matters at all. Then again, it’s not just Mitsuki that Hime is conscious of during that scene…
So things have changed between Hime and Mitsuki as of this volume. But there must be some reason that Hime keeps getting so flustered when it comes to Mitsuki, right?

Honestly, I am happy to see the back of that arc that revolves around Mitsuki’s confession to Hime. Things are a lot more fun now with that behind us.

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