Thoughts on Catch These Hands! Volume 2

Soramori wants to get closer to Takebe in the second volume of murata’s Catch These Hands! manga. Soramori tries taking her for a proper date. Also, someone else with a thing for Takebe appears.
This volume contains chapters six to ten.Catch These Hands! Volume 2Soramori has always held a torch for her old high school rival, Takebe. Now, thanks to one mean shoulder throw, the two former (?) delinquents have started going out. But Soramori has a couple problems… For one thing, what’s a “proper” date supposed to look like anyway? And what if she’s not the only one with a thing for Takebe? Love’s a battle in more ways than one!

Soramori’s trying all sorts of things on dates with Takebe in this volume, all with the intention of growing closer to her. Unfortunately, she’s more focused on what they’re doing rather than how Takebe feels about the whole thing. She does pick up on this error, but her progress towards getting closer to Takebe is glacial at best.
That does provide plenty of amusing moments, though. Particularly when the pair decide to try their hands at a shared hobby, and Takebe gets into it a lot more than Soramori does. It is with that, though, that we see perhaps that Takebe might be a little more into Soramori than she thought. Still not quite there when it comes to romantic feelings, but there does seem to be a glimmer of hope for Soramori.

This volume also has Soramori meeting Takebe’s parents. That’s another fun chain of events, and it also comes with the introduction of one Otome – or Tomeko, which is her actual name. Suddenly Soramori finds herself with a rival for Takebe’s affections. Though the two do happen to bond over some pretty silly stuff as well. Fun dynamic between Soramori and Tomeko, whilst Takebe is just exasperated about the whole thing.

This second volume of Catch These Hands! is an enjoyable one. Soramori is determined to get closer to Takebe, and it is pretty entertaining seeing the efforts she goes to – even if they don’t always pan out. Things not working out tend to be what makes this particular manga enjoyable, though. Soramori’s trying her best, and it does seem like her efforts are gradually paying off.

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  1. momomanamu says:

    This series sounds really cute! And I like the art work too. Darn it, I know I need to read the heap of manga I already have first before I buy new ones, but this series sounds really tempting!

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