Thoughts on How Do We Relationship? Volume 5

Miwa and Saeko embark upon new chapters of their respective lives in the fifth volume of Tamifull’s How Do We Relationship? manga. Miwa in particular goes to meet with her childhood friend, and has something to tell her…
This volume contains chapters thirty-seven through to forty-five.

How Do We Relationship Volume 5

Front cover of the fifth volume of How Do We Relationship?, featuring Miwa Inuzuka

Trying to keep their failing relationship going was putting a huge strain on both Miwa and Saeko. Now that they’ve broken up, they can focus on being friends and on all the things the future might have in store. And for Miwa, that means finally telling Shiho how she feels. But is she ready for what her confession might unlock?

This volume pretty much focuses on Miwa gathering up the courage to travel to Okinawa to visit Shiho, with plenty of encouragement from her friends. And also what follows after that.
The purpose of the trip is a little more than a friendly visit, though – there is something that Miwa has been wanting to say to Shiho for a long while now.
It’s a bit of a struggle, but she is able to get it out there in the end – and then Shiho has to take some time to come up with her response.
Her response is certainly an interesting one, and whilst what she says is perfectly legitimate, part of me also feels like she is using that as an excuse. Surely those who truly love each other should not give a damn about what society thinks.
It’s an honest answer from Shiho, but it certainly has repercussions on Miwa.

And that’s where we get the fall out of Miwa’s trip to Okinawa, and another twist in the relationship between Miwa and Saeko. Plain sailing it has not been for those two, and I’m not entirely sure what happens between the pair of them after that Okinawa trip is exactly healthy.
For Saeko it’s a very spur of the moment thing, and she acknowledges that it was wrong – you know, despite still going ahead with it and saying some pretty drastic things. For Miwa, though… doesn’t seem like she’s in a particularly good place.
I don’t know how or even who will get her out of it, but that has certainly got me anticipating the next volume.

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