Thoughts on Breasts Are My Favorite Things in the World! Volume 5

Chiaki decides that just using her hands is no longer enough in the fifth volume of Wakame Konbu’s Breasts Are My Favorite Things in the World! manga. After all, she wants to get to know Hana even better.
This volume contains chapters thirty-four to forty-twoBreasts Are My Favorite Things in the World Volume 5As Chiaki’s interest in Hana grows beyond her bountiful chest, their relationship attracts the attention of Akira, Chiaki’s cousin and mentor in all things bosom-related. But while Akira professes to be a true boobmaster, her dirty secret is taht she’s a breast virgin who’s never touched a pair other than her own! As she desperately seeks to discover how her student managed what she could not, Chiaki tries to keep her rival aficionado from coming into contact with Hana!

This volume gives a little bit of focus to three different pairs of characters – Hana and Chiaki, Touka and Kana, and now Subaru and Riku. Whilst we still do get a bit of Subaru spying on Hana and Chiaki, it’s good to see that she now has something to distract her from that – aside from the part where she intends to have her friend, Riku, catch Hana and Chiaki in the act…
With Riku being a discipline monitor, you’d think she was one of those strict types. And she does try to be, but when it comes to boo- sorry, breasts, she has a pretty glaring weakness. Only further exacerbated by her fantasy when Subaru mentions wanting to show her something, with only the two of them present. Riku’s a fun character.

Not much interaction between the now three couples established so far in this volume – just between themselves. So on the Touka and Kana side of things, they go lingerie shopping – an event that really helps Touka to figure out that her feelings for Kana might just extend beyond her petite chest.

Of course, the majority of the focus goes to Hana and Chiaki. Chiaki is determined to learn more about Hana. She is well-versed in how Hana’s breasts feel, but there are other senses. Even though Hana acknowledges that they’re getting into some pretty bizarre territory, she is still willing to go along with it.
I’ve said this before, but I’ll reiterate it here: everything that Chiaki does is done with Hana’s consent. I particularly like that about Breasts Are My Favorite Things in the World!, because it could have easily been something a little less pure… for lack of a better term. That’s why Subaru spying on them just doesn’t sit right with me.
Sure, she accidentally happened to witness it once, but to keep going back? Yeah, that’s really not right. Hopefully Riku will be able to redirect her attention elsewhere.

We also get a little more from Akira in this volume, and Chiaki reveals to Hana what we were shown in the previous volume. Her worry then becomes Akira stealing Hana away – it’s becoming clearer and clearer there’s something between Hana and Chiaki, even if they don’t realise it themselves.

Aside from Subaru’s repeat offence, a fun volume here.

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