Thoughts on Breasts Are My Favorite Things in the World! Volume 4

One likes them big, the other likes them small, and they finally cross paths in the fourth volume of Wakame Konbu’s Breasts Are My Favorite Things in the World! manga. But of course they can’t meet through normal circumstances, but this encounter does stir up feelings within one of them.
This volume contains chapters twenty-six through to thirty-three.Breasts Are My Favorite Things in the World Volume 4It’s a flurry of misunderstandings as Chiaki (the petite-sized fiend for large melons) and Touka (the stacked connoisseur of small bosoms) meet at last! When Chiaki spots Touka touching the breasts of a yukata-clad Hana, pangs of envy strike her heart. But is that jealousy about just physical closeness, or is Chiaki feeling something deeper? Could it be not just Hana’s chest that’s special, but also what’s behind it…?

This volume pretty much details Chiaki coming to realise that despite being a lover of breasts, there’s only one pair that will truly satisfy her. And to see someone else touching them brings Chiaki to that particular realisation.
This volume also happens to introduce the very person who sparked Chiaki’s love for breasts – her “breast mentor”. Although it seems that Chiaki has managed to surpass her by this point.

A heavy focus on Chiaki throughout this volume, particularly with her realising that she actually knows next to nothing about Hana. Amusingly, when she tries to express her desire to get to know Hana better, Hana becomes incredibly dense.
Seems like Hana doesn’t know all that much about Chiaki either, as she believes that Chiaki’s desire to get to know her better revolves firmly around her boobs. It doesn’t help that Chiaki struggles to clearly express her intentions when Hana is offering her boobs to her…

Any potential drama from the fireworks festival is quickly blown over – we do get Chiaki acting a little odd for a while, but that does lead into her realising that she might like Hana for a lot more than just her generous chest.
The pair still need to work on communicating with each other clearly a little more, but there is a bit of development with their relationship in this volume.

As for the other characters; Touka finally meeting Chiaki allows her to put aside her fears of Kana being stolen away. She even teases Chiaki a little about the conversations she has had with Hana about her.
There is one other character that I’m not entirely sure about, though. Her name is Subaru Sasazuka, and since the previous volume, she has secretly been watching Chiaki and Hana’s quality booby time. That’s all she has done up to this point; you could remove her entirely and it would have no impact on anything else.
Maybe she’ll play a vital role in the future, but for the time being she’s practically nothing more than a voyeur. Subaru only appears in a single chapter in this volume, but it does kind of feel like padding. Fortunately, everything else in this volume does serve a purpose – pretty much establishing that Chiaki may have feelings for Hana, beyond the love of her breasts.

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