Thoughts on Sex Ed 120% Volume 2

Naoko Tsujii continues to teach her students all sorts of things regarding sex education in the second volume of Sex Ed 120%, tackling a variety of topics.
This volume contains chapters seven through to twelve.Sex Ed 120% Volume 2THE INSIDE SCOOP ON SEX
Health teacher Naoko Tsujii is still on a mission to advise her students on how to navigate the birds and the bees in modern times. And when it comes to friction, it’s even more important to separate fact from fiction – whether it’s about how to give and refuse consent, the ins and outs of menstruation, or addressing the stereotypes found in boys’ love manga. The lesson is clear: There’s more to sex education than you can shake a stick at!

Naoko covers a whole variety of topics within this volume of Sex Ed 120%. She talks male genitalia, periods, consent and others besides. As with the first volume, all these things are genuinely educational. There’s also a discussion about gender roles and femininity. The points that Naoko raises during that particular conversation are genuinely interesting points.

Something that is of particular note in this volume is the focus on Hikari and Sumire’s relationship. We get to see how they first got together, and it’s quite sweet. They also attend a BL event with Matsuda – and if you’re wondering why lesbians would like BL, that is something that is addressed in this volume too.

Sex Ed 120%‘s second volume is just as great as the first, providing a genuinely insightful look into a topic that might be considered taboo. It addresses all these things in a respectful manner, whilst maintaining a pretty great sense of humour. Excellent stuff from Kikiki Tataki and Hotomura here.

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