Thoughts on Breasts Are My Favorite Things in the World! Volume 3

Hana and Chiaki continue to grow closer in the third volume of Wakame Konbu’s Breasts Are My Favorite Things in the World! manga. Hana starts to doubt Chiaki’s loyalty to her breasts, so she decides a trip to a pool will be the perfect place to put that to the test.
This volume contains chapters eighteen through to twenty-five.Breasts Are My Favorite Things in the World Volume 3“Bosom” friends Chiaki and Hana continue to grow into their one-of-a-kind friendship. With each passing day (and every secret fondling session), the two learn more about each other, and their relationship flourishes. Yet uncertainty haunts Hana’s thoughts – what if Chiaki finds an even more satisfying set of breasts?! Luckily for Hana, ’tis the season for boob watching at the pool – the ideal time to investigate what exactly Chiaki looks for in a perfect pair…!

Sometimes you just sit there and read something, and have to take a moment to think “wow, this whole concept is absurd”. That applies to Wakame Konbu’s Breasts Are My Favorite Things in the World!, and honestly, it works so well for it. It’s a lot of fun reading about the antics of Hana and the boob-loving Chiaki.
Yes, the concept here is basically having one girl fondle another girl’s breasts as often as possible, but what we also see developing over the course of the manga is a relationship. Hana and Chiaki may not have realised it at this point, but there are signs there that the pair are falling for each other.
This is particularly noticeable with Hana in this volume, who concocts a scenario in her head where Chiaki finds someone else with better boobs. It is something that genuinely concerns Hana; so much so that she inadvertently invites Chiaki out on what is effectively a date.

Said date is to a swimming pool, and Hana’s “boob market research” is a pretty dang funny sequence of events as she tries to figure out what it is Chiaki looks for in breasts. There are a pair of breasts that have Chiaki’s full attention throughout the whole time, and they are a lot closer to Hana than she believes.

Besides Hana and Chiaki’s antics, we also have small breast lover Touka Momose and her childhood friend Kana Kashiwagi. Kanna is Touka’s ideal size, although she keeps up a facade when they are together. As much as she fantasizes about touching Kanna’s chest, Touka does respect her boundaries. Instead, she just gushes to Hana about how great Kanna is, and in turn, Hana comes to Touka for advice – involving breasts, naturally.

We have four characters established now, and they all happen to come together during a fireworks festival. That brings along its own drama, but that is where this volume comes to a close. Still, everything that happens in this volume is a lot of fun, and definitely on the sillier side of things. But you’ve just got to embrace it, especially in a story like this one. Breasts Are My Favorite Things in the World! does a pretty good job of bringing a smile to my face, and I’m very much looking forward to how Hana and Chiaki’s relationship continues to develop.

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    Breast is best!

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