Thoughts on Syrup: A Yuri Anthology Volume 4

Here we have another collection of yuri stories under the Syrup title, focusing on that “first magical night”. There are eleven contributors for this volume.

Syrup A Yuri Anthology Volume 4

Front cover of Syrup: A Yuri Anthology Volume 4, featuring art by Fly

A Taste of Honey
Indulge in more sweetness! Volume 4 of Syrup serves up a second helping of stories about love between women that focus on that first magical night.

The “first night” was also the theme for the third volume of Syrup, but it holds so much potential that I have no issues about a second volume focuses on more of the same. Fly contributes the cover art once again, whilst the stories are provided by Dr. Pepperco, Kitao Taki, Ichigo Ichie, Morishima Akiko, Ito Hachi, Kiriyama Haruka, Nishio Yuhta, Takano Saku, Tachi, and Iwami Kiyoko.

Whilst the previous volumes of Syrup have had darker stories (volume 2 in particular), all the stories in this one are on the light-hearted side. Lots of wholesome relationships to enjoy in this one, with a side order of titillation. Not going to mince words here: numerous stories in this anthology depict women having sex with other women. The overarching theme is the first night, after all. Those scenes are used to show the depths of the affection all these ladies have for each other.

I actually enjoyed each and every story in this particular anthology; I’d argue this fourth volume might even be the strongest entry in the Syrup series. Doesn’t mean I don’t have particular favourites, though. In fact, Ito Hachi’s The Honoured Princess might just be my favourite story from any of these yuri anthologies. There’s just something appealing about a princess and her infatuation with her female bodyguard – and it might be the story that has the most detailed intimate scenes.
Other stand out stories include Dr. Pepperco’s Pretty Little Sexy Girl, Ichigo Ichie Candy Cigarette Feelings and Nishio Yuhta’s Kick in the Teeth. I’ll reiterate that every story in this volume is great, but those are the ones that stand out firmly in my mind when I think back on what I read.

With an excellent selection of yuri stories themed around the first night, the fourth volume of Syrup is a very welcome addition to my ever growing collection of yuri manga.

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