The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 9: Scattered Sparks at the Evening Ball

Menou and Momo are searching for information in the ninth episode of The Executioner and Her Way of Life. One attends a ball, whilst the other infiltrates a manor.

Menou vs Ashuna

Menou fights Ashuna whilst keeping her face hidden

This episode adapts the remaining part of chapter 3, and steps into chapter 4 – both from the second light novel, of course. So we finish up “Scattered Sparks at the Evening Ball”, and start on “Maiden Dried from Dew”.
In the light novel, we get Menou vs. Ashuna, and then it tells us about Momo’s infiltration. This episode has them happening concurrently, because… well, they happened at the same time.
The fight between Momo and Ashuna is pretty good. There’s a bit more detail to it in the light novel, but it’s fairly well adapted here.

Akari and Manon

Manon meets with Akari

The meeting between Akari and Manon plays out pretty much the same way in both light novel and anime. The biggest thing to take away from all that is that these events that are happening now are all completely unfamiliar territory for Akari. Which, considering her power, is very interesting. Whilst their conversation stays true to the light novel, what happens after Manon departs is slightly different between the two versions.
Here, in the anime, Akari panics a bit before calming herself. Several people also witness that. However, in the light novel, Akari remains completely calm, and there is nobody around to see her talking to Manon. Also, she uses a certain ability.


Momo let her guard down…

Momo’s infiltration of the manor is told in chapter 4 of the second light novel, and I kind of feel like the anime slightly downplays her brutality. In the light novel, she threatens to saw off the head of the guard at the manor before knocking him out – she just goes straight to knocking him out here in the anime. We also don’t get to see her just twist the gate open. Kicking the door in is consistent, though – although the light novel does tell us she had intended to be stealthy. The door being locked put a halt to that.
A lot more people suffer Momo’s wrath in the light novel, hence my feelings about her brutality being downplayed, at least a bit.
It’s Momo’s discovery of the iron maiden that leads to an unfortunate event – and it plays out the same way in both light novel and anime. As of the end of this episode, Momo is out of action. That’s unfortunate, since she is a lot of fun to watch in action.


Akari meets with Manon

After we see Menou meeting with Pastor Sicilia (who has some pretty interesting things to say about how Flarette compares to Flare), the last scene of this episode has Akari approaching Manon. Akari has some things she wants to ask, but that’ll have to wait for next time.

Besides Momo being taken out of the action, great episode here. Then again, what happened to Momo is consistent with the light novel, so can’t blame the anime for that one. Still, I did enjoy seeing the clash between Menou and Ashuna animated, and Akari discovering that she is in unfamiliar territory certainly makes things even more interesting.
Very much looking forward to seeing the rest of volume 2’s adaptation.

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