Thoughts on The Demon Girl Next Door Volume 5

In the fifth volume of Izumo Ito’s The Demon Girl Next Door, we get smartphones, camping, a new Magical Girl, and Yuko’s birthday – as well as plenty of other goings-on.
This volume contains chapters fifty-three through to sixty-four.The Demon Girl Next Door Volume 5MORE POWERS, MORE PROBLEMS
Shamiko has accepted the request of a former Magical Girl to become boss of the neighbourhood, and is beginning to manifest more of her demon powers. But between the appearance of another demon and a giant snake god sealed in a nearby mountain, there’s a lot more going on in Shamiko’s doman than meets the eye!

Lots of content in this volume of The Demon Girl Next Door, starting with Yuko deciding to get herself a smartphone – so it is easier for her to contact Momo, and not just because she wants to play games on it. This volume also goes a bit Laid-Back Camp with a camping trip, although things become a little far from laid-back there.

Another thing worth mentioning is the growth of Yuko’s abilities. Whilst she may struggle to come up with an alternative look for her Crisis Management form, on several occasions she is able to use her abilities. Particularly useful when there’s a gathering of almost everyone, and tensions run high.
Yuko has come on quite a ways from the first volume. That series of events also bring in a new character.

Going back to the camping trip, Yuko is able to dig up some information on the history of the Light Clan. Although the words used prove to be a little difficult for the demon girl, it is some rather interesting stuff.

Really good volume of The Demon Girl Next Door here. New characters bring in some interesting challenges for Yuko to overcome, and some light is shed on the history of the Light Clan. Yuko is also able to demonstrate her growth as a demon, which is a delight to see. Lilith also gets some nice focus here, as well.
I really enjoyed what this volume had to offer, and am definitely looking forward to more.

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