Thoughts on Otaku Elf Volume 2

A new face appears in the second volume of Akihiko Higuchi’s Otaku Elf manga, although it is someone that Elda actually recognises. On top of her usual duties, the elf has to deal with fashion, texting, and, perhaps the most arduous task of all for a shut-in: leaving her shrine.
This volume contains five “episodes”, each one split into three chapters – taking us from chapter thirteen all the way through to twenty-seven.

Otaku Elf Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of Otaku Elf, featuring Elda and Koito Koganei

From warlords to wargames!
The elf of Takamimi Shrine is a layabout geek, but once upon a time she was summoned by the great shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu! Ancient history collides with the present when Yord, the elf of the Kansai region’s Hiromimi Shrine, takes the stage… and Yord’s summoner just so happens to be Tokugawa’s great rival, Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Help your elf to a slice of that nice, quiet otaku life with this goofy comedy loaded with Edo-perion factoids!

First up in this volume is the introduction of a new elf: Yord. She has her own miko, too, called Himawari. Elda and Yord have a long-standing rivalry, with a very familiar method for settling it. Just a a shame that noughts and crosses is a solved game…
Yord makes a pretty fun addition to the cast. The fact that she knows Elda means that Elda can be a bit more outgoing with her – she tends to shy away from other visitors to the shrine. Her rivalry with Yord gives us a change of pace from that, which is nice.

Whilst Yord and Himawari are fun characters, they don’t really stick around for all that long. Definitely got my fingers crossed for seeing more of them.

Elda finds herself facing several challenges throughout this volume, from a cold to learning how to use a smartphone. With her love of game consoles you’d think Elda would figure out her way around a smartphone pretty quickly – and to be fair she does. It’s just the anxiety of phone calls that prove to be a little too much for her – fortunately, Koito is on hand to teach her the joys of texting.
Then again, it might be more of an unfortunate thing for Koito considering how things end up…

As much as Elda might get on Koito’s nerves, it is made pretty apparent that the miko does appreciate the elf, and vice versa. Those two have a pretty good thing going on between them.

Otaku Elf is a fun series, and continues that with its second volume. There’s plenty of laugh out loud moments, but also moments of genuine sweetness. I very much enjoyed what Akihiko Higuchi gave us here – oh, and you can also expect to learn a whole bunch about the Edo-period, too.

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