The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 8: Sin Magecraft

Menou finds herself a little strapped for cash in the eighth episode of The Executioner and Her Way of Life, so she takes on a job from the church.

Akari and Menou

Menou turns the tables on Akari

This episode adapts the last part of the second chapter of the second light novel, and takes us into the third chapter, “Scattered Sparks at the Evening Ball”. The scenes at the market play out pretty much the same in both light novel and anime, although Akari does guess that the fruit she eats could be a muskmelon in the light novel. Not that it really matters, it’s what happens next that is more important for advancing the plot.

Kaiser holds Akari hostage

Taking Akari as a hostage probably isn’t the wisest idea…

Menou has to fight more than two opponents in the light novel, and they are stronger than she expects, too – something the anime doesn’t show us. She still uses the Akari hostage strategy, and the end result is the same – up to and including the fate of the members of the Fourth who attacked.


I love the way Menou and Momo are just lounging around during this scene

The meeting with Pastor Sicilia and the subsequent talk with Momo actually come from the first chapter of the second light novel – which is why I thought it was odd that Pastor Sicilia’s part was skipped earlier on. No matter which order the events happen in, though, it still ends up with Menou investigating the monstrine.

Akari & Menou

Akari is unable to get the jump on Menou

Moving on, we step into the third chapter of the second light novel – and yes, Akari’s behaviour in both versions is exactly the same. The anime leaves out the part where Menou tells Akari not to accept any shady pills – wouldn’t want her consuming any monstrine, after all.


It’s a bad idea to upset Manon

The scene with Manon plays out pretty much the same way in both light and anime form, too. She is out for Menou’s blood, and I have to say, she is definitely playing her role as antagonist very well so far. But, well, I already knew that since I read the light novel, so I should probably say that this adaptation is treating her very well.

Ashuna and Momo, reunited once again

Once again, Momo finds herself reunited with Ashuna

Moving on to some Momo and Ashuna stuff, Momo was a lot more brutal towards those delinquents in the light novel. She did still stop when Ashuna arrived, but the anime versions of those guys definitely got off much lighter compared to what they went through in the light novel. Then we get a lot of world building stuff regarding the Concept of Original Sin, and where monsters originated from – both in the light novel and anime. Genuinely interesting stuff, mind you.

Akari in priestess robes

Akari wears those priestess robes well

This episode ends with Menou infiltrating a ball at Manon’s place, reluctantly bringing Akari along. Momo was able to make a new dress for Menou relatively quickly, but her ecstasy is quickly pushed aside when she sees that Akari is there as well. Momo’s reaction is something we only see in the anime; in the light novel, she’s already carrying out her duties.

At the ball

Menou in the dress Momo made for her

That wraps up the episode, and it’s a good one. Plenty of amusing moments between Menou and Akari, we get a Momo and Ashuna reunion, and Manon’s antagonism really starts coming through. Lots to enjoy here, as several pieces move into place for the story to really pick up. Very much looking forward to seeing how upcoming adapts play out in the anime.

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