Thoughts on New Game! Volume 12

The development of Eagle Jump’s next big project continues in the twelfth volume of Shotaro Tokuno’s New Game! manga. It proves to be far from a smooth process, though…

New Game! Volume 12

Front cover of the twelfth volume of New Game!, featuring Kou Yagami and Aoba Suzukaze

This volume of New Game! starts with some nice Rin x Kou stuff, swiftly followed by a little bit of Eagle Jump’s history. Pretty interesting to discover how Eagle Jump came about.

Naturally, the main focus of the story at this point is the continued development of Fairies’ Story 4. We get some more character designer talk out of that, and once again, more Eagle Jump staff find their likenesses included in the game.
With the end of the project in sight, Eagle Jump receives some unfortunate news. Much of the time in this volume is spent on the Eagle Jump staff dealing with said unfortunate news. Most of their prospects seem to be looking pretty grim, though.

On the lighter side of things, there is a job interview. What makes this one particular notable is that Aoba ends up being one of the interviewers. Not that the interviewee actually realises that at first…
A girl also gets to meet her idol, which is a pretty fun event.

Plenty of interesting stuff in this volume of New Game!, and the Eagle Jump ladies are faced with a new challenge. This also happens to be the penultimate volume of the series, and looks like Aoba might be having a rough time of it at the start of the next one.
I look forward to seeing how she deals with the situation she suddenly finds herself in, since it has been demonstrated she is more than capable of bouncing back from some tough times.

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