Thoughts on The Demon Girl Next Door Volume 3

Things get lively around Yuko in the third volume of Izumo Ito’s The Demon Girl Next Door, as some new neighbours move in. She also draws even closer to achieving her main objective, particularly after taking on a part-time job.
This volume contains chapters twenty-seven through to thirty-nine.The Demon Girl Next Door Volume 3WHOSE SIDE AM I ON, ANYWAY?!
Ever since awakening to her demon powers, Shadow Mistress Yuko (a.k.a. Shamiko) has been fighting to free her dark clan from the curses placed on them by magical girls. But somehow, she wound up becoming allies with the magical girl who is supposed to be her rival, and now they’re working together to track down a magical girl who disappeared from the town. A new demon invades the neighbourhood in Volume 3!

At the time of writing, the second season of the The Demon Girl Next Door anime is airing. More specifically, the anime is adapting the chapters from this volume. Just as the second season of the anime has been enjoyable so far, this third volume is just as enjoyable.

Lots of plot progression in this particular volume, from Momo and Mikan becoming Yuko’s neighbours to a trip down memory lane for Mikan, and the introduction of characters who may have some very important information regarding that missing magical girl that Yuko and Momo have been searching for.
Not to mention Momo’s fondness for Yuko shining through more and more. She still won’t admit it openly, but by this point several people have definitely realised that there’s something there. Of course, Yuko’s kind of oblivious to it.
We get a bit of Mikan’s past, too, and Lilith gets to go on a couple of outings. Then there’s Yuko’s first part-time job. At least it doesn’t distract her from carrying out an important mission…

Lots of really interesting stuff to be found in this volume, on top of great humour. Momo introducing Yuko to the internet and the subsequent events is easily some of the best comedy from this series. There’s plenty of other great examples, but that one definitely stands out more than most. Especially when it boils down to “internet = evil”.

This was a brilliant volume of The Demon Girl Next Door. Plenty of laugh out loud moments, the story really goes places, and the new characters are interesting. Excellent stuff from Izumo Ito.

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