Thoughts on A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow Volume 8

The future draws ever closer in the eighth volume of Makoto Hagino’s A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow manga, and Koyuki has made a decision. Meanwhile, Konatsu feels like she hasn’t spent nearly enough time in Koyuki’s company.
This volume contains chapters twenty-eight through to thirty.

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow Volume 8

Front cover of the eighth volume of A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow, featuring Kaede Hirose and Koyuki Honami

The Aquarium Club is finally coming alive after welcoming new members, but summer is nearing and Koyuki has started studying hard for her exams. Working up her resolve, Koyuki invites Konatsu on a moonlit walk on the beach where she bares her heart about an important choice. Graduation is approaching and the time they have left together is more precious than ever, but how does Konatsu respond to hearing Koyuki’s decision?

After at least a couple of volumes with a bad case of not speaking to each other, Konatsu and Koyuki finally have their conversation about what their futures entail. Just a shame that Konatsu learns what Koyuki is planning through somebody else… imagine if they had actually spoken to each other before that point.
Regardless, the girls have stopped dragging their heels, finally. It’s an important conversation for them, and yet it feels like nothing changes all that much. Koyuki is still following through with her decision, and Konatsu still has regrets. Seems a good conversation might not be the panacea that I was hoping it would be.
Fortunately, we do have characters like Kaede who offer some pretty solid advice to Konatsu. She should definitely be more demanding of Koyuki’s attention.

Also, Kaede gets a fair amount of focus here, which goes into her relationship with her sister, and why she seems to dote on Fuyuki so much. Still doesn’t stop other people from teasing Fuyuki about his crush, though.

Honestly, I think I’m about ready for A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow to end. There’s only so much that can be dragged out. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately, depending on your perspective), the ninth volume will be the last one. I guess the stuff that happened within this volume is an important step towards that conclusion, but it might’ve taken a little too long to get to that point.

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