The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 4: Villain

Menou and Akari arrive in the ancient capital of Garm in the fourth episode of The Executioner and Her Way of Life. First, though, Menou reminisces back to her days spent training under her master.


Menou thinks back to her first meeting with her master, Flare

We drawing ever closer to the end of the first volume’s adaptation as of this episode. Here, we have two distinct parts: a flashback centred on Menou, and then Menou and Akari’s arrival at Garm. The flashback is the adaptation of the second and third interlude chapters of the first novel – Flare showing Menou the Sword of Salt is from the second interlude, and the training at the monastery is from the third interlude.

Menou and Flare

Menou becomes Flare’s “Flarette”

The first half of this episode establishes Menou’s past, and how she went on to become an Executioner. It also gives an idea of what she thinks about that particular role. There’s also a brief appearance of a certain girl in the flashback; I’m still holding out hope Momo gets her flashback as well.

Akari & Menou

Akari and Menou arrive in Garm

The second half of this episode marks the beginning of the adaptation of chapter 4 from the light novel, “At the Ancient Capital”. Akari’s impressed by what she sees, and she is eager to go on a date with Menou – and Menou agrees to it. Only after attending to some business, though.

Archbishop Orwell

Archbishop Orwell

That business is meeting with the archbishop, Orwell. Nothing drastically different from the light novel for this part of the stay in Garm – Menou is still tasked with investigating the disappearances of young women from the city. Menou tries making a few more excuses about not going sightseeing with Akari in the light novel, but she decides she will in the end in both versions.
The meeting with Momo is pretty much the same, too – although there is special mention of the ribbons that Momo wears in the light novel. We do, however, get an anime original scene here.

Akari hugs Menou

Akari’s towel might be a little loose…

The light novel moves on after Menou has her conversation with Momo. The anime, though, gives us a bit extra with Akari emerging from the bath clad only in a towel. At least until it slips off, whilst she is hugging Menou.

Good episode here. I’m happy to see that the interludes are being incorporated into the story – they are kind of key for showing us the place where Menou came from, and why she is an Executioner, after all. They’re doing them justice, too. Hope I’ll be able to say the same about Momo in the future.
Some pretty nice stuff between Menou and Akari now that they’ve arrived in Garm, too. Very much looking forward to what is coming up, as well.

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