Thoughts on Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Volume 13

The Babel Brigade’s schemes rapidly head towards fruition in the thirteenth volume of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka. A fearsome foe from the Magical Five’s past is resurrected, but that only marks the beginning of what it is the Babel Brigade truly want to do.
This volume contains chapters fifty-two through to fifty-six.

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Volume 13

Front cover of the thirteenth volume of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, featuring Magical Girl of Mass Destruction: Sekhmet☆Sayoko

The battle between the Magical Girls and the Babel Brigade escalates as the Disas Beast is resurrected! The worst part? This is only the opening act of the Brigadier’s plan! Prepare to be dazzled as the penultimate volume of this action-packed series bombards you with twists, turns, and imagination-defying revelations!

This is the second-to-last volume of the Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka manga series, and sure enough, it is packed cover to cover with action. Asuka, Kurumi and Mia all have powerful opponents to fight. It’s not just the Magical Five in combat, though; Chisato and Nazani have foes to contend with, too.
And then everyone has to deal with the resurrection of the Disas Beast – although, in this case, humanity actually gets a rare moment to shine.
Granted, humanity’s attack against the Disas Beast also happens to be the very thing that the Babel Brigade was counting upon, as there’s more to their plan than to just let the beast rampage.

You’ve seen how this volume talks up its “twists, turns, and imagination-defying revelations”. I think they might be going a bit overboard with that. I feel like everyone who has been reading the series for this long already knows what some of those revelations are – heck, I saw people pretty quickly putting two and two together about the Brigadier’s identity when the anime adaptation aired.
The Brigadier’s plan is probably a bigger revelation than her identity. She also shares her reason for why she is doing all that.

Still got a pretty good volume here, though. The action is enjoyable, with the Magical Girls willing to make major sacrifices in order to win. They’ve got quite the fight before them, but how that goes will have to be something kept within the pages of the final volume.

Good stuff here, very much looking forward to how this story will end in the next volume.

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