Thoughts on Days of Love at Seagull Villa Volume 3

In the third and final volume of Kodama Naoko’s Days of Love at Seagull Villa, Mayumi has to decide upon her future. She’s ran away from things she couldn’t handle before, but maybe, this time, she’s found something – or someone – worth staying around for. Now if only her old friend wasn’t interfering…
This volume contains chapters nine through to sixteen.

Days of Love at Seagull Villa Volume 3

Front cover of the third and final volume of Days of Love at Seagull Villa, featuring Rin Ioki, Mayumi Kikuchi, and Hinata Ioki

A Safe Haven in a Harsh World
Mayumi left the city partly to escape her toxic friend, Touko, but now Touko has followed her to the countryside! Possessive of Mayumi, Touko is determined to drive a wedge between her and Rin. As Mayumi steels herself t stand up to Touko, she realises she’s fallen in love with Rin! Can Mayumi overcome her traumatic past to build a new future? The final volume of Days of Love at Seagull Villa!

This volume of Days of Love at Seagull Villa only further reinforces the notion that Touko is a terrible person. It starts with a flashback to Mayumi’s school days, and yep, Touko was terrible back then, too. Touko effectively convinced Mayumi that everyone belittled her behind her back. I guess Touko wanted to be depended upon, but manipulating Mayumi into that position is low.

Much of this volume involves Mayumi realising Touko’s true nature, and gathering the courage to stand up to her for once. What we also get here is Mayumi coming to terms with what she feels towards Rin – and of course, Touko’s there to try and talk her out of that.
Fortunately, Mayumi is not the same as she was during her school days. It’s also interesting to see that Saitou can pick up on what’s going on, whereas Rin seems pretty dense about the whole thing.

I should think that it has been pretty obvious from the beginning. It also helps that Hinata absolutely adores Mayumi. Mayumi may have her doubts – particularly due to Touko’s influence – but all she has to do is pluck up the courage to not run away.

This volume marks the end of the Days of Love at Seagull Villa story, and I’m fairly happy with how it ends. Definitely a great way to cap off this story. Days of Love at Seagull Villa is a manga series that I did enjoy reading, and it is something that I would recommend yuri fans to check out.
The drama in it doesn’t tend to be too serious, and I’d say it has a positive tone overall. An enjoyable series from Kodama Naoko.

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