The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 3: Terrorist Express from the Royal Capital

Menou and Akari’s journey towards the Ancient Capital continues in the third episode of The Executioner and Her Way of Life. They’re taking a train, but it is not a peaceful journey they’ll be having… particularly with some terrorists targeting a certain royal passenger.

Menou protects Akari

Akari is well-intentioned, but Menou can handle the situation

This episode completes the adaptation of chapter 3 – titled “Terrorist Express from the Royal Capital”, just so you know – that was started in the previous episode. Menou and Akari travel to Garm by train, but just so happen to get caught up in a terrorist attack against Princess Ashuna.
There’s some quite notable differences between light novel and anime this time around. The flow is mostly the same, but some scenes from the light novel did not make it in – at least for this episode. A small one to start, but in the light novel Menou talks a little bit about the place where the terrorists acquired their “etheric” guns – or “Guiding” guns as the light novel translation calls them. No mention of that place in the anime.


Momo brandishes her weapon of choice

If there’s any one character that got the short end of the stick for this adaptation of chapter 3, it’s Momo. She has an entire flashback sequence cut out, and we actually get to read about her taking out some of the terrorists in the light novel. That stuff is mostly offscreen, unfortunately. On the other hand, the main even involving Momo from the chapter does remain fairly faithful to the light novel.

Ashuna vs Momo

Ashuna takes on Momo

Momo fights Ashuna, on top of the speeding train. At least Momo gets the opportunity to shine with this particular fight. They’re not the only ones with a fight on their hands, though.

Red knight vs Menou

Menou’s opponent is a rather unusual knight

Menou’s opponent is more magical in nature, but it still proves to be quite fierce nonetheless. Akari deciding to waltz right into the train’s engine room during the fight complicates matters, which were already bad due to collateral damage from both the fights happening.
Having to deal with a runaway train after a fight where she had to use up a lot of her ether in battle, Menou is left with very little choice but to rely on Akari’s help. That event plays out fairly faithfully to how it does in the light novel, although they omitted Akari’s “Ah… Menou’s… Ngh. Inside me…” line.

It is heavily implied, in both light novel and anime, that the plan to save the train may not have quite succeeded. At least the first time round… Akari’s power sure is convenient.

Good episode here, even if I am a little disappointed about Momo not getting as much screentime as she should’ve, at least compared to the light novel chapter. Still, I did enjoy the action we got a lot, and I am still liking that soundtrack that goes with it, too.

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