Thoughts on I Can’t Believe I Slept With You! Volume 1

I Can’t Believe I Slept With You! is a yuri manga written and illustrated by Miyako Miyahara. The story focuses on the unemployed Chiyo Koduko, and her landlady, who has a rather unusual rather proposal to help with her rent. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the series for English release.
This first volume contains chapters one through to six.

I Can't Believe I Slept With You! Volume 1

Front cover of the first volume of I Can’t Believe I Slept With You!, featuring Chiyo Koduka and the landlady

Indecent Proposal
Twenty-four-year-old Koduka Chiyo quit her job and is wallowing in self-pity. She’s also three months behind on her rent. Her landlady proposes an unusual solution: sleep with her, and she’ll help with the debt, the filthy apartment, and the loneliness. Can true love develop from an arrangement that started with a bang?

This manga wastes no time getting to the landlady’s proposal; two pages in and she’s asking to have sex with Chiyo. It should be pretty obvious what happened there, giving the title – although Chiyo’s memories of the deed remain rather hazy, so we are only privy to the morning after.
Something I should probably point out is that the landlady does have an actual name, but Chiyo refers to her exclusively as “landlady” – and I’ll be doing the same. That topic is touched upon in an extra chapter – chapter 5.5 – but she will remain as “landlady” for now.

So we have our two main characters: Chiyo is the scatterbrained type, and the landlady is the reliable sort – so much so that Chiyo finds it difficult to do any chores with their arrangement.
Whilst they may sleep together once right at the beginning of the story, the landlady’s proposal sees her moving in with Chiyo. Chiyo is pretty against sleeping with the landlady a second time, but is, instead, willing to do favours in exchange for the landlady reducing her rent.
The landlady is pretty generous when it comes to what qualifies as a favour, which certainly makes things easier for Chiyo.

The dynamic between Chiyo and the landlady is actually pretty fun. They have some genuinely wholesome moments together, although Chiyo is incredibly oblivious to the landlady’s affections. Makes me feel a little sorry for the landlady.
Chiyo learns quite a bit about the landlady as they continue to live together, which leads to some realisations about how other people see her, and how she is alarmingly similar to said other people.
Also, it seems that Chiyo isn’t being all that honest about how she felt during the night they slept together – so there’s definitely something brewing there.

The first volume of I Can’t Believe I Slept With You! proved to be quite the fun read. The landlady’s proposal being pretty much the first thing in this manga leaves quite the impression, but it does lead to the two becoming closer. Though perhaps not quite in the way the landlady had hoped for – but I don’t feel like that is entirely impossible.
Interesting first volume.

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