Thoughts on Cocoon Entwined Volume 5

Time for more hair from Yuriko Hara – oh, and I’m sure there’s some story stuff as well, in this fifth volume of Cocoon Entwined.
This volume contains chapters twenty-three through to twenty-nine.Cocoon Entwined Volume 4Although Youko resolved to stay by Hana’s side in Yokohama, when they return to the classroom, their relationship grows strained as Hana flounders in the wake of Hoshimiya’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Ayane expands her web to entangle the “little sisters” of Hoshimiya Girls’ Academy – and her gaze is now on Hana. Can Youko’s newfound strength pull Hana from her cocoon before it becomes completely enmeshed in Ayane’s desire?

I’ve said before that I am uncertain of how to feel about Cocoon Entwined, and that reading some more would help me form some kind of solid opinion about it. Apparently that’s not the case with the fourth volume – I’m still very much struggling to figure out where I stand on this one.
There’s characters coming to terms with all sorts of complicated feelings, whilst we have one character emerging as a sort of antagonist – I think? The uniforms are still made of human hair, which is still weird as heck – and those ominous undertones that I recall from previous volumes are very much present here as well.

Still unsure of what to think about Cocoon Entwined, and I’m not so confident I’ll be able to form a full opinion on it even after I’ve read the entire story. If nothing else, it does draw me in with intrigue. Something is certainly getting all tangled up within this manga, and I don’t think it is just the hair. The hair that is said to be the girls’ lives, and they take that hair… once again, rather ominous stuff there…
Still not convinced that I would recommend this series to anyone looking for a yuri manga. Maybe if they’re really into hair…

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