Thoughts on Bloom into You Anthology Volume 1

Bloom into You Anthology is exactly what it says in the title – an anthology of manga stories based on Nakatani Nio’s Bloom into You manga series. There are thirteen in total, each contributed by a different mangaka – and the addition of a colour illustration brings the number of contributors up to fourteen.
Much like the original Bloom into You manga, this anthology is licensed for English release by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Bloom into You Anthology Volume 1

Front cover of the first volume of Bloom into You Anthology, featuring art by Kazuno Yuikawa

A beautiful bouquet of Bloom into You stories
More tales of budding relationships featuring Yuu, Touko, Sayaka, and all your other faves! Maid outfits, kisses stolen during student council meetings, Touko cross-dressing, and bathtime with Riko and Miyako – all that and more can be found in this collection of stories about girls blooming into love… with each other!

The contributors to this anthology are, as follows: Kazuno Yuikawa, Hachi Ito, Canno, Tachi, Chomoran, tMnR, Yuriko Hara, Yutaka Hiragi, Hiroichi, Aya Fumio, Okara Miyama, Mekimeki, Moke, and Fly.
As you would expect, all of these stories centre around characters from Bloom into You – with the majority naturally focusing on Yuu and Touko. Of course Sayaka puts in several appearances, and there are notable appearances from other characters, too.
For example, Hiroichi’s Bitter Coffee Time focuses on Riko and Miyako. That might just be one of my favourite stories of this anthology, thanks to it exploring what Riko and Miyako’s relationship could look like.
Then there’s also Okara Miyama’s Onigiri, Croquettes, Rolled Eggs, in which Koyomi gets the spotlight. I liked Koyomi’s character a lot in the original manga, so I’m happy to see her getting some love in this anthology.

Some of the stories add in some more fantastical elements that you’d never find in the original manga – Chomoran’s Free-Floating Maidens and tMnR’s Little Senpai being the most obvious examples. Definitely adds an element of fun to the proceedings, particularly with the events those contributors portray.
Fleeting Cherry Blossoms is almost immediately recognisable as a Yuriko Hara work, what with its particular focus on hair. Out of all the stories here, that’s probably one I’d be able to identify without even checking the name of the artist.
Another favourite story of mine included in this anthology is Tachi’s Student Council Secret. Good stuff from the creator of Sakura Trick.

Lots of great stories in this anthology, and it’s plain to see that every single contributor has a lot of love for Bloom into You. Sure, there may be some more fantastical elements here and there, but the characters all feel pretty true to Nakatani Nio’s original vision.

So if you’ve finished reading the Bloom into You manga, or even watching the anime, this is an anthology I can easily recommend. Lots of contributions by people who love Bloom into You, offering some really fun stories based on the original manga. Sits very nicely alongside the Regarding Saeki Sayaka light novels for that extra Bloom into You content.

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