Pretty Cure Ranked, 2022 Edition

Another season of Pretty Cure has come and gone, and so now it is time for me to revisit my ranking of every single season of the show. The newcomer for this year is Tropical-Rouge! PreCure.
As is always the case with these types of lists, this is my own personal opinion – I definitely enjoyed some seasons a lot more than others. As usual, the shows with direct sequels will be grouped together.
With that said, I shall now dive in – going from worst to best, in my opinion.

Yes! PreCure 5 and Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!Pretty Cure 5Out of all the PreCure seasons I watched, both Yes! PreCure and Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo! felt like the biggest slogs to get through. For me, at least. Did not like the fairies in this one, really did not like them forcing romance between the fairies and the girls, and couldn’t get on with Nozomi/Cure Dream’s voice despite being absolutely fine with the voice actress’s voice in other roles. Also, two entire seasons of this really made me feel the fatigue.
It does have some enjoyable stuff at least, but for me the negative did not quite outweigh the positive. One of those positives, however, is Yes! PreCure 5 the Movie: The Mirror Kingdom’s Miraculous Adventure!, which gave the franchise its first instance of evil versions of the Cures.
So whilst there may be some good to be found here and there, it isn’t quite enough for me to think back fondly on these two seasons.

HappinessCharge PreCure!HappinessChargeHappinessCharge PreCure! had some really interesting ideas. Unfortunately, I feel those ideas went to waste in the end, as this season was far more interesting in pursuing some overly complicated romantic plot. The idea of the international Cures was a novel one that I would’ve liked to see explored more, and PreCure Hunter Phantom is one of the more memorable villains of the franchise. Cure Fortune had some pretty interesting stuff going on, too.
Ultimately, though, the celebration for the franchise’s tenth anniversary left a lot to be desired – for me, at least.

Smile PreCure!Smile PreCureFrom this point on, these are all seasons of PreCure that I would be willing to go back and rewatch sometime – if I haven’t already. Also a matter of finding the time, so don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.
As for Smile PreCure!, this one had more self-contained episodes than the other entries of the franchise. We got some pretty fun stuff out of this season, although I do wish that the second half of the season wasn’t as much of a retread of the first half. But, hey, if nothing else, we got some of the most memorable fights of the franchise from this one, and that’s enough to put a smile on my face.

Pretty Cure and Pretty Cure Max HeartMax HeartThe place where it all began, and that’s certainly something to be expected. Now, I see a lot of people celebrating Nagisa and Honoka’s relationship, but just don’t go into these first seasons of PreCure with high expectations of that – in fact, Nagisa has a crush on a boy. Oddly enough, that never gets brought up outside of these seasons. Of course, it is her chemistry with Honoka that many people remember more fondly.
Whilst I do have respect for this being the beginning of the franchise, I really cannot bring myself to like the fairy mascots here. Thankfully, mascots are massively improved with the later seasons.

KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la ModeKiraKira ☆ PreCure a la ModeOne of the key features of the PreCure franchise is its hand-to-hand combat. KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode decided to forego that, making the instances where it does crop up – this season’s movie and Cure Yell’s cameo – all the more noticeable. Definitely loses points for that.
It does have a fun cast, however, and some nice stuff for the yuri shippers. At least until it ends up going absolutely nowhere… Honestly, the KiraKira Cures tend to be at their best in the spinoff films.
Also, the number of Cures that this season added to the franchise’s roster… perhaps it went a little too far on that front.

Fresh Pretty Cure!Fresh Pretty CureI am so thankful that Fresh Pretty Cure! came after the slog that was Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!, otherwise I might have given up on watching every season of PreCure. But I did, and this soft reboot of the franchise was definitely something that helped a lot with that. From this season forward, we got fairy mascots that I actually liked, and the more mature Cure designs were nice, too.
What particularly stood out for me in this season was Cure Passion’s story. That is a big part of the reason I can think so fondly of Fresh Pretty Cure!.

Suite PreCure♪Suite PrecureI do enjoy a good show that has a strong musical theme throughout, and Suite PreCure♪ is one such example. Although I will admit that I felt the start was a bit rough, with the way that Hibiki and Kanade would argue at the drop of a hat. Fortunately, they got better, and then Cure Beat joined the team. So did Cure Muse, but Cure Beat is the character I remember most fondly here – well, her and Hummy. Hummy’s definitely up there as one of the best mascots in the entire franchise.

Go! Princess PreCureGo! Princess PreCureGo! Princess PreCure is one of the seasons that is universally agreed to be fantastic, and I would say that is a fair assessment. Also, this is the first season that I watched as it aired, giving you an idea of when my project to watch every single season of PreCure began.
Chasing your dreams is one of the key themes of this season, so naturally that plays into the development of each of the characters. That theme is used to excellent effect throughout, thanks to people’s dreams being used to power the monsters of the week.
This season also introduced us to a girl named Yui Nanase. She’s not a PreCure, but she’s definitely one of the best character from a supporting cast in the franchise. Also got to show a little appreciation for Prince Kanata – a royal who actually does something.
If you look back at my previous Pretty Cure Ranked posts, you’ll see that Go! Princess PreCure came before Suite. But really thinking back on it, Go! Princess has stuck around in my mind more prominently, hence the swap in the rankings.

Healin’ Good ♡ PreCureHealin' Good ♡ PreCureThe time at which Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure aired was a very unfortunate one, even having to go on hiatus. I do feel that it was affected, but thinking back on it, we still got something that was pretty enjoyable – even with what was happening in the world at that time.
A good main cast, and it felt like everyone got their fair share of the limelight. I don’t remember the villains all that fondly – particularly Daruizen. Although to be fair, this season didn’t go in the usual “enemies become allies” direction with that, and that is something that I did like.
Whilst I did enjoy this season, I do feel like it had more potential that it couldn’t quite reach due to certain global events.

HeartCatch PreCure!Heartcatch PreCureNow this here is a fantastic season of Pretty Cure. This is one of the entries that tackles darker themes, and even has a character in mourning. Something that I adore about the entire franchise is that it has no fear about approaching those kinds of topics – I feel like there’s a respect there for its younger audience – or perhaps that’s there to cater to its older audience. Either way, HeartCatch PreCure! provides one of the best examples of that.
Cure Blossom’s growth throughout the season is a joy to experience, and I still adore the whole story with Cure Moonlight and Dark PreCure to this very day. Cure Marine and Cure Sunshine are also fantastic cast members. Whilst this season may touch upon some darker stuff, it is able to have some fun as well.

DokiDoki! PreCureDokiDoki PreCureWhen it comes to DokiDoki! PreCure, I feel like you either love it or hate it. Me, I absolutely love it – for quite a while, this was even my favourite entry of the franchise. Yes, I’ll admit that this season is biased towards Mana; if you don’t like her, you probably won’t get on with this season. Fortunately, not an issue for me. The other characters do have their moments, but it always seems to come back to Mana in the end.
What really sold me on this season, however, is one lass by the name of Regina. Without a doubt my favourite character from DokiDoki!, and yes, I do feel like she was robbed when Cure Ace joined the team. That’s another point of contention that tends to come up for this season – Cure Ace. Not exactly the best mid-season Cure, but it’s better than a new one appearing right at the end (looking at you, KiraKira…)
I also enjoyed the plot that ran through DokiDoki! – every episode was connected in some manner, from minor events to the focus of the episode itself. Oh, and can’t mention DokiDoki! without saying how it might actually be a stealth yuri harem.

Pretty Cure Splash StarSplash StarAsk me which season of PreCure is most underappreciated, and I’d have to go with Pretty Cure Splash Star. Having characters that seemed like carbon copies of Honoka and Nagisa at first probably didn’t do it any favours, but it is definitely worth sticking with this season beyond its initial introduction.
This entry gives us something pretty unique with Saki and Mai having two different forms they can transform into – so far the only characters in the franchise to have two different Cure names. Saki and Mai’s chemistry is great, too.
I’ll admit that I’m not all that fond of the fairies from this one, but most of the other characters I did like. This season also gave us some very memorable villains, and that final battle. I freaking adore the final battle of this season. Whilst there have been better animated final fights, I do feel like this one has not quite been matched yet.

Star ☆ Twinkle PreCureStar ☆ Twinkle PreCureYou know what makes a really good addition to the typical magical girl fare you can expect from Pretty Cure? Aliens. Lala, and later Yuni, make for fantastic cast members. The leader for this season, Hikaru, is wonderful, too.
And whilst I do like Madoka and Elena, they never really got as much of the limelight they should have. Still, what little we do get from them is pretty nice. Good characters who just so happened to be outshone by fantastic characters.
This season has one of my favourite transformation sequences from the entire franchise – so far still the only group to sing as they transform. That song is used to devastating effect for the finale, too.
Introducing aliens into the franchise also meant some spacefaring, resulting in visits to all kinds of different planets. It sure is nice to have a change of scenery from the more mundane Earth setting.

Tropical-Rouge! PreCureTropical-Rouge! PreCureTropical-Rouge PreCure pretty much stands alongside Star ☆ Twinkle with how much I enjoyed it, so this entry could’ve been put before the previous one. Choosing one over the other is difficult.
This season is so much fun, and is another one with fantastical elements. In this case, mermaids.
I absolutely adore the cast of characters from this season, and everyone is given a fair share of the spotlight. Even the villains for this season are great – arguably the best group of antagonists in the franchise. I love that their whole thing is just putting off whatever it is they’re supposed to do.
That procrastination actually ties closely into the plot, too, and the lore this season offers up is superb. It even goes to some very dark places. Those darker elements of PreCure are something that I like to see.
Another thing that is superb here is the chemistry between Manatsu and Laura. Those two make for a great pair.
We also have some great side characters, such as Yuriko. I do adore her plot thread with Asuka. This season was a joy to watch from start to finish.

Maho Girls PreCure!maho-girls-precureApparently this one is officially called Witchy PreCure in English. Huh. Well, whatever you call it, it doesn’t change the fact that I freaking adore this season. I love the magic world, I love that the Cures have multiple forms, and I definitely love the relationship between Mirai and Riko.
Not many other Cures can claim that they raised a baby together, but that’s exactly what Mirai and Riko did. The baby fairy even acknowledged them both as mums (Mofurun, too, surprising us all at a time when we were not certain about Mofurun’s gender). I guess it’s also worth mentioning that Mirai and Riko kiss in the official manga.
Something that I appreciate about this season is it’s smaller main cast – there’s just something nice about having two or three Cures to keep track of. It feels like a throwback to the earlier season of PreCure, and that is something I wouldn’t mind seeing again.
One of the best mascots can also be found in this season – in fact, Mofurun’s so good, she even got a film dedicated to her.
One of the things that I’d guess most people remember about Maho Girls PreCure is its finale. Without a doubt one of the strongest in the franchise, and it does feel like Star ☆ Twinkle and Tropical-Rouge! took cues from it. What a way to end this particular season.

Hugtto! PreCurehugtto! precureI guess you could call Hugtto! PreCure the PreCure fan’s PreCure. This aired during the time of PreCure‘s fifteenth anniversary, and this an incredible celebration of everything PreCure up until that point. It’s amazing what a difference five years can make.
I will admit that there are elements of this season that I did not enjoy completely – Homare and Harry’s arc, or the ending. Not a big fan of the main villain, either.
Everything else, though… just superb. Definitely an interesting cast of characters here. Not just the Cures themselves, but members of the supporting cast like Henri or Masato. This season of PreCure actually delves into a lot of firsts for the franchise – again, approaching some surprisingly mature topics for a kids’ show.
I will say that this season may not be the most ideal for newcomers, though. There’s a lot of PreCure history in here, you’d definitely want to be more familiar with it before diving into this one.
The thing that I most enjoyed about Hugtto!, though, has to be Ruru and Emiru. Those two are amazing, and easily stand up there as a couple of my favourite characters within the entire franchise. Their chemistry together is so good.
Just an incredible season of PreCure, and everything a celebration of the franchise should be.

There we have it, every season of PreCure ranked from worst to best in my opinion. We’ve definitely had some treats with modern-era PreCure, and I’m glad I can say that I think highly of the majority of the seasons.
Guess I’ll do this again next year, after Delicious Party♡PreCure has concluded.

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